Hyatt Regency Danang, Vietnam

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Hotel Group: Hyatt Hotels

Hotel Category: Category 3

Hotel Status: Discoverist

Booking Type: Points (17,000 per night)

Room Type: Regency Executive Suite

Date of Stay: May 2018


Opened in late 2011, Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa is a sprawling property situated on one of Danang’s most picturesque beaches, Non Nuoc Beach, on Vietnam’s central coast. It boasts 380 accommodations in total; 198 rooms and suites, 160 residences, and 22 villas. This is a residential resort also, so purchasing is an option if you have that kind of coin.  There are five pools, four restaurants, a bakery and deli, fitness center, luxury spa, convention center, Camp Hyatt kid’s club, and a fantastic Regency Club Lounge (more on this later). Valet and self-parking are complimentary.

With tourism here booming in the last decade, and luxury resorts flying up all along the beach, Danang is considered a modern city. Don’t let that distract from the incredible amount of history tied to the region. The sands of Danang’s beaches saw the French arrive in 1858, beginning nearly a century of colonial rule. In the Vietnam War, this is also where the first American combat troops arrived in March of 1965. About two hours north lies the old imperial capital city of Hue, and a half hour south is the old port city of Hoi An, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The hotel offers a shuttle running to Hoi An a few times daily for roughly $3 per person. 

Other notable attractions in the region include the Marble Mountains, which are within walking distance of the hotel, My Son Sanctuary, another UNESCO World Heritage site dating to the fourth century, Bach Ma National Park, Son Tra Peninsula, and Ba Na Hills. Two of the country’s finest golf courses, one designed by Greg Norman and the other by Colin Montgomerie, are a short drive away.


We were visiting Danang with some friends for the IRONMAN Vietnam race so we didn’t have much flexibility in travel dates, which meant inflated prices and high demand working against us. At booking time, the award options were either two twin beds for the standard World of Hyatt Category 3 rate of 12,000 points per night, or a Regency Club king for 17,000 points per night. As this was our first trip to Asia, we decided to take the Regency Club room to experience the lounge, which had a cash rate of $414, yielding a solid 2.44 cents per point redemption rate. The Regency Club king rooms here all have water-facing balconies with beautiful views. Keep in mind that all hotels in Vietnam have a 10% VAT and 5% service charge that are typically not included in the stated prices. I loved that there was no silly “resort fee” tacked on later, like many properties of this type. I always think that’s so ridiculous. 


Hyatt Regency Danang is about 15 minutes from Danang International Airport. Since we were arriving late at night, to make it easy, I booked the hotel’s Audi SUV for 1,200,000 VND one way, or about $53, plus VAT and service charge. There is a discount if you book round trip. Our driver met us at the terminal with a branded sign bearing our names. He loaded our bags in the car, and we were off. It was a late model Audi stocked with water, phone chargers, and free Wi-Fi. On our trip back to the airport, they also had cold towels in the car, since days are so hot and steamy there. It was a great touch. 

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They also offer airport transfer via minibus, in case you’re traveling with a group larger than four.Photo May 14, 8 05 38 PM

One downside to a late arrival is you can’t get full visual appreciation of the hotel when you pull up. Here, there are palm trees as you come up the cobblestone driveway, with a large tree and landscaping in front of the open air lobby.

Photo May 14, 8 00 24 PM

Photo May 14, 7 49 41 PM

Photo May 14, 8 06 03 PM

To the left is residential services. The L-shaped front desk is to the right, with the concierge on the short side, check-in on the long side, and several sofas and chairs. There are portable a/c units  throughout the lobby, and they have a constant supply of ice water for cooling down. During daytime hours, we would’ve checked in at the Regency Club, but since it was nearly midnight, the Club was closed. They handled us at the regular desk. 

Photo May 14, 8 52 37 AM

Photo May 11, 12 19 58 PM

The check-in process was smooth. The associate was welcoming, he thanked us for our Hyatt loyalty, and then we heard the magic word that makes every traveler’s heart flutter. We had been upgraded. I already booked a pretty nice room with balcony and ocean view, but an upgrade is always welcome. We thanked him, and he had a bellman show us the way to our building, insisting that they handle our bags. Building F is the first building out the right side of the lobby. They put us in room F318, which was up two flights of stairs (no elevators), and the bellman carried all of our baggage up in one trip. When we got to our floor, we were taken aback by two things. One, our room has two entrances and two, it is the only room on the third floor of F building. I had a hunch we were getting something better than just “a suite.” We walked into the room, and our jaws hit the floor. It turns out, they upgraded us to a Regency Executive Suite! At 126 sq meters, it was the size of three Regency Club king rooms put together! 

There were none of these rooms available online during our stay so I couldn’t get an exact price but searching at various times throughout the year I gleaned that this room goes for about $600 per night. This means, after the upgrade, we got 3.53 cents per point on the redemption!

Room F318

I took a video tour of the room, which was of way too low a quality to post here, but it took me upwards of 35 seconds to walk through the entire thing. Hard wood, marble, and ceramic tile covered every inch of the room. The two entrances put you into the living and entertaining spaces, which were two of the three sections of the room. The far-right section had a half bathroom, 

Photo May 11, 12 41 43 PM

Photo May 11, 12 51 16 PM

a work desk, and a sectional sofa facing the ocean and the flat screen TV.

Photo May 14, 11 09 26 PM

Photo May 14, 11 09 39 PM

Photo May 11, 12 28 05 PM

Photo May 11, 12 27 56 PM

There was a welcome note on the coffee table, along with some delicious fresh fruit.

Photo May 11, 6 39 52 PM

On the desk, there were various newsletters and information sheets regarding restaurants and ongoing renovations in the Green House restaurant, along with a rundown of Regency Club amenities.

Photo May 13, 5 51 00 AM

Photo May 11, 7 00 31 PM

The middle section had a dining table, a futon, a flat screen TV on the backside of the one for the living room,

Photo May 11, 12 32 53 PM

an island with a sink,

Photo May 11, 12 28 26 PM

and a large cabinet housing the mini-fridge, coffees, teas, and glassware.

Photo May 11, 12 33 27 PM

Photo May 11, 12 33 16 PM

Photo May 11, 6 31 41 PM

Photo May 11, 6 32 15 PM

Mini-bar prices were reasonable, about $3.50 for a beer, but that same beer costs about $.75 on the street. Still much better than a resort of this quality in Europe or the States. I appreciated that they had a quality wine key, too. There is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy a nice bottle of wine in the room but having no wine key or a crappy one.

The walk-in closet was huge. It contained a safe, iron, wonderful smelling cedar drawers, robes and slippers (which were decent at best), umbrellas, shoe shine kit, and laundry bag.

Photo May 11, 12 31 27 PM

Photo May 11, 12 31 18 PM

Photo May 14, 11 15 11 PM

The third section is the bedroom and bathroom. Entrance to the bedroom is through the dining area through a lockable pocket door.

Photo May 11, 12 28 54 PM

There was a king bed, two nightstands with plenty of outlet access behind both, a third flat screen TV, and a chaise lounge next to the bed. The bed was an extremely comfortable, semi-soft mattress with great pillows.

Photo May 11, 12 29 07 PM

Photo May 11, 12 35 53 PM

Between the bedroom and bathroom there is a wall of glass. There are blinds that roll down to cover the entirety, if necessary for privacy.

Photo May 11, 12 36 22 PM

Each time housekeeping came to the room, they folded my clothes neatly on the chaise. What a nice treat.

Photo May 14, 4 09 17 AM

There were a few downers about the room. One is that Wi-Fi was not very good. This wasn’t room-specific, it was bad all over the resort.

Photo May 13, 4 51 48 AM

Secondly, all the lights were operated by switches with six buttons on them. They look like dimmer buttons but each button was a different combo of lights, some combos overlapping! So the lights were unnecessarily difficult to figure out. Lastly, no Golf Channel. But we didn’t have the TV on for a single second we were there, so we didn’t mind.

Once daylight came around, breathtaking views greeted us without even having to leave our bed. The bedroom had its own private balcony, partitioned from the balcony outside the living and dining areas. Curtains in the bedroom were manually operated, while in the living area, they were electronic. 

Photo May 12, 5 49 59 AM

Just look at this. The rest of the resort, beach, mountains, downtown Danang, and the IRONMAN finish line, all from our balcony.

Photo May 13, 5 22 27 AM

Sunsets weren’t so bad either, this one from the living area balcony. I loved the lounge chair on this balcony. There was also a table and two chairs out here if you want to dine or have a drink.

Photo May 11, 6 28 09 PM

Photo May 11, 6 28 43 PM

We had a friend staying in a three-bedroom villa looking out at the ocean. Those are great rooms too; large living area, full kitchen, balcony with ocean view, two floors, and each has its own pool.

Photo May 14, 4 47 54 AM


Our bathroom was absolutely massive, and it was gorgeous, with floor-to-ceiling marble. One of the walk-in closet doors opens to the bathroom, or you can, of course, access the bathroom from the bedroom. The marble vanity runs the length of the wall, with a double sink and five mirrors. 

Photo May 11, 12 30 39 PM

Between the sinks there was an amenity kit with a lot more options than what we typically see in the US. I wish more hotels had these kind of helpful items at hand.

Photo May 11, 1 33 22 PM

It was the biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen. Two adults could fit in it without touching each other, not that that would ever be the goal. The shower was huge too, with both a handheld showerhead and a rainfall one, and a seat large enough to lie down.

Photo May 11, 12 29 23 PM

Photo May 11, 12 32 12 PM

Toiletries were from Pharmacopia, a Canadian company, oddly enough. I really enjoyed them. The scrubbing pad was a nice addition.

Photo May 11, 1 34 06 PM

Next to the shower is the toilet–more marble. Don’t worry, the glass is frosted.

Photo May 11, 12 31 59 PM

I have a few minor complaints about the bathroom. The water was not a consistent temperature. This is something we ran into in every hotel we stayed in while in Vietnam. I’m not sure what the issue is, but it wasn’t unique to this property. It is still pretty annoying though. Secondly, there was only one outlet in the bathroom aside from the one for electric shavers. In a bathroom that size, with a vanity that large, one outlet is inexcusable. Lastly, the faucet wasn’t all the way over the bathtub, which led to a lot of dripping water on the floor when turning it on and off. 


There are five pools at Hyatt Regency Danang, four of which I had access to. The other was a residence pool. The main pool is in the center of the property, directly out the back of the lobby. It has many arms and a lot of pretty vegetation surrounding it. This pool was always crowded during the day.

Photo May 12, 7 49 59 PM (1)

Next to the Camp Hyatt kid’s club, there is the Garden Pool. This end of the resort also has a sand volleyball court and tennis courts.

Photo May 13, 1 33 56 AM (1)

The fitness center pool is a beautifully secluded pool near the front of the property.

Photo May 14, 1 11 46 AM (1)

Photo May 14, 1 11 28 AM (1)

My favorite pool was the Regency Club pool. As the name implies, it’s exclusive to club level guests and the only access is through the Regency Club Lounge.

Photo May 13, 5 36 50 AM (1)

Here, there were food and drink service and three cabanas with oversized beds inside. As it tends to be with most hotel pools, service was a little slow but friendly nonetheless. Shade is the key in heat like this, so we took full advantage of the cabana. 

Photo May 13, 5 36 37 AM

The cabana beds were stained and the cabana structures needed cleaning and painting. It’s nitpicking, but it’s the attention to things like this that keep the hotel from reaching its full potential.


The Regency Club Lounge took this resort to another level for me. Without this, it’s still a gorgeous property, in a great location, with excellent service, but the lounge gave the place an unbelievable amount of value. Conveniently, the lounge was right across from our building.

Photo May 11, 7 29 43 PM

Photo May 11, 7 30 53 PM

Photo May 11, 7 31 30 PM

In addition to all-day water, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverage availability, they serve an impressive breakfast spread every day. The best part was the noodle dish of the day, which makes my mouth water merely at its mention. There was an extensive array of other Vietnamese favorites, Western options, and some choices from other parts of Asia. Service was great too.

Photo May 11, 7 58 10 PM

Photo May 11, 7 58 04 PM

Photo May 11, 7 57 54 PM

It was spacious inside, with a small business center in the back and additional seating outside on the patio.

Photo May 13, 5 38 49 AM

Photo May 11, 7 58 57 PM

Photo May 14, 1 17 38 AM

In the evening, there were complimentary beers and wines, a cocktail of the day, and “hors d’oeuvres,” which were definitely hearty enough to satisfy you for dinner. Lighting in there in the evening was terrible, so I couldn’t get good pictures, but the food was delicious again. Similarly to breakfast, there were Vietnamese, Western, and other Asian dishes. 

Vie Spa & Fitness Center

Serene and tucked away at the front of the property, Via Spa is a luxury option for massages, facials, body wraps, and more.

Photo May 14, 7 51 24 PM

Photo May 14, 7 51 03 PM

Prices are a little high but if you’re willing to splurge, it’s a beautiful and relaxing oasis befitting the beauty of the region.

Photo May 14, 1 13 28 AM

The locker room was well appointed, with hot and cold tubs, and lush green courtyard views.

Photo May 14, 7 55 04 PM

Photo May 14, 7 54 38 PM

Photo May 14, 7 52 01 PM

The fitness center was full whenever I tried to visit so I couldn’t get pictures, but there was plenty of room for everyone. There was a yoga room, plenty of free weights and machines, and the pool I mentioned earlier.


There are four restaurants onsite and a bakery/deli. Pool House is, you guessed it, next to the main resort pool, with beautiful views of the ocean. It has a full menu for lunch and a selected menu until 9:00pm, serving traditional Vietnamese and Western comfort food.

Green House is the all-day dining option. It was under renovation during our trip.

Photo May 13, 5 31 20 AM

Beach House is the upscale restaurant right on the beach with beautiful views and decor. This is the only hotel restaurant we tried. Food and service were excellent, and the wine list had plenty to choose from. They focus on seafood and offer a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes, both individual and family style. There are also Western options, many with a Vietnamese twist on them. I had sea bass with a chili and lemongrass sauce that was to die for. We left completely stuffed. 

Photo May 14, 9 34 44 AM

Photo May 14, 10 36 07 AM

One night we also visited Terrasse, a lounge just behind the lobby. They had a live jazz band and half price bottles of wine. It was a lot of fun.

Photo May 14, 8 06 45 PM


Service, as was the case wherever we went in Vietnam, was terrific. Everyone from the groundskeepers to management takes pride in their job and truly considers it an honor to serve guests. The bellmen were helpful, the drivers were friendly, the desk associates and concierge were always smiling and wanting to do whatever they could to make our stay more enjoyable. One desk agent, when I was trying to exchange some money last minute before we got on the shuttle, went on a dead sprint to get the right bills from another location on the property. So many places would’ve just said sorry, but he really went out of his way. Service gets a 9.5. 


Overall, I would put this Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa just a notch below the top. There were some minor details that I’ve mentioned previously, mostly about the property itself, that keep it from being a premier destination in the world. With that being said, I would wholeheartedly recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone visiting central Vietnam. An unbeatable location, beautiful grounds, loads of amenities, and world-class service make this a place memorable to travelers of all types. There’s Camp Hyatt for families with kids, there’s a convention center for business and event use, suites for romantic getaways, and villas and residences for groups. Award availability is wide open also. Though there is much to see throughout the region, one could stay for weeks and never leave the resort. We will definitely be coming back. 

Photo May 12, 5 44 09 AM

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