Holston House, Nashville


Hotel Group: Hyatt Hotels

Hotel Category: Category 5

Hotel Status: Globalist

Booking Type: Promotional free night

Room Type: One-bedroom King Suite

Date of Stay: March 2018


The Holston House occupies the historic 1920’s-era James Robertson Hotel building just steps from Broadway, giving it close access to some of Nashville’s top attractions. In 1984, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2016, the New Orleans based group, HRI properties, purchased the building for $18.2 million dollars and turned it into one of the best hotel options in the Music City. The Holston House is named after the Holston River and officially opened for business in December of 2017.

The hotel features 191 rooms, including six suites, a rooftop pool, fitness center, one restaurant, two bars, including a rooftop bar, 24-hour business center, and the only parking option is valet parking, which costs $40. Their cancellation policy is 48 hours.

Something to note, I spent over an hour searching dates (74 different days to be exact) for suite availability, but I only found one day where I saw a suite available on their website for purchase. I was curious as to why this is and, after speaking with an associate, it appears that if you want to book a suite you have to contact the hotel’s sales department for availability and pricing.

Here is a good map displaying where the hotel is and all the attractions that are close by.



I booked through my Hyatt concierge using points. This being a category 5 Hyatt, it requires 20,000 World of Hyatt points. My concierge inquired about a suite for me during the booking process and when I checked in they had upgraded me to a one-bedroom king suite. The price below is the only day I saw availability for that suite so that should give you some idea what the price will be if you are looking for that same suite.


I arrived outside the hotel around 2pm. I was properly greeted by the valet guy and shown to the reception desk. One thing I really like is how they handle valet. Instead of giving you a ticket to keep track of, it’s all done digitally through a text on your phone. I tend to lose my valet ticket every time so this was a nice change. The receptionist was friendly and efficient. She informed me I had been upgraded to a king suite and after swiping a credit card, I was off to my room. The lobby area is an intimate area with several seating options. You can really get a good feel, while in the lobby, of all the details they kept from the original hotel. Even though I had a nice suite I spent several hours just hanging out in the lobby.






King suites and two-queen suites range from 708 to 746 sq ft. I had suite 905. After entering the room, there’s a long social table with the living room behind it. The bedroom is behind the living room with the master bath. The televisions were 50in 4k interactive TVs.







The bedroom featured a king bed, a sofa, and a single chair.







The Keurig coffee machine, safe, and mini refrigerator were in the drawers underneath the TV. I was surprised they didn’t offer a mini-bar or snacks in the room. I meant to ask them about it but forgot.



The bed was soft with plush pillows, and both nightstands had easy access to outlets. It will be a beautiful day when I don’t have to mention the outlets. I think finally most hotels are catching on and giving guests proper access to outlets.




The in-room Wi-Fi was decent enough. I find Wi-Fi speeds in the States far behind other countries. I don’t keep up with tech stuff that much so I’m sure there is an answer for this, but I find it a bit odd that a hotel in central Mexico gives speeds in the 100 Mbps and upscale hotels in the States rarely get above 10 Mbps. Nonetheless, I had no trouble with these speeds.


The views from the room were pretty good with glimpses of the Music City Center.




The suite had 1.5 baths. The half bath was in the living room.



And of course the master bath in the bedroom. The master had a walk-in shower with a rainfall shower head. The water pressure was strong but the water temperature could have been a bit hotter. I had it turned all the way and it was barely hot enough for me.




The toiletries were from C.O. Bigelow. I’ve seen these at another hotel before but I can’t recall what property. I’m a fan of these products.



The hairdryer was a Pro Dry Elite Andis 1875. It was good, but I wish they had concentrator attachments with them. That makes a huge difference.


As for the bathrobes, I’d give them a passing grade. They weren’t as plush as some I’ve seen in hotels but at least they were of good size.



The pool is on the rooftop. It was closed during my stay but it was just a few days away from opening to guests. Chris, the manager, was nice enough to give me a tour of the pool area while I was there, and I was thoroughly impressed. The views were spectacular. I can see this being a prime spot, come warm weather.




Fitness Center

The fitness center is on the bottom floor. There’s no mention of the gym on their website or at least from what I could tell, but as you can see there are plenty of cardio and weight machines along with free weights. The space is a little tight. If there were several people working out at the same time, but they did an excellent job placing equipment in a way to give you as much room as they could.








Their restaurant is called TENN, with a focus on American fare with a southern twist. The main restaurant is a few steps down from the main lobby with Bar TENN a few steps up from the lobby.


I had breakfast twice downstairs in the main restaurant. The first morning I had the egg sandwich with a side of Benton’s bacon. The sandwich came with sausage, tomato, collard greens, chili mayo, and Gruyère cheese. It had some serious structural problems. I tried several times but there was no chance I was keeping the sandwich contents inside the bun. So, I ended up having a deconstructed sandwich. On the second the morning, I ordered the shrimp and grits with andouille, poblanos, and shallots. I’m picky when it comes to grits, but I wanted to give this one a try and I’m so glad I did. It turned out to be some of the best grits I have ever had. I highly recommend ordering them if you get a chance to dine here.





The first day I was at the hotel I had lunch and dinner at Bar TENN. Before I get into the food, I want to say how great the bartenders were. Damien was my main bartender, and he was one of the best I’ve ever had. His knowledge on cocktails and his preparation is rivaled by very few in the industry. I ended up having a few more than what I was planning on, just for the fact every cocktail I ordered was some of the best I’ve ever had. If you’re so lucky to go there during a night he is tending bar, you’re in for a treat. For lunch, I ordered the burrata with fried green tomatoes, tasso ham, and pesto. After that, I had the smoked trout dip. Both dishes were excellent. For dinner, I started with the grilled octopus with black-eyed peas and ink aioli. Then I had the steak tartare with charred shishito peppers and whole-grain mustard. I think they could have chopped up the beef more, but it was still very good dish. For the main, I ordered the Carolina Gold risotto with local cheese, sunflower, and artichokes. Every dish was a delight. I highly recommend all three of them, and I would go as far as saying this restaurant is a place to visit even if you’re not staying at the hotel.







Another thing I loved was the price. I’m so used to restaurants overpricing their food and drinks. I was pleasantly surprised to see everything here was reasonably priced.


Service gets a 9/10. I had a chance to speak with the general manager, Peter Tziahanas, and he couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. Normally, you don’t see General Managers on the floor much but Mr. Tziahanas was active on the floor, welcoming guests and chatting with them. The other manager, Chris, was gracious enough to show me around the rooftop pool and their penthouse suites. After chatting with him a bit, I found out he used to play golf at Florida St, which is a plus in my book. As I mentioned above, Damien was a star bartender and really made my evening memorable, with some of the best cocktails I’ve had in some time. But really, all the associates I came into contact with seemed happy and did everything they could to make my stay outstanding. One other thing they do to help make service better is their text feature. Instead of calling to talk with an associate at the desk, you could simply text them and get a prompt answer. I wish all hotels had this feature.


I’m really glad I chose this property during my trip to Nashville. I was impressed with the room and overall hotel, and it will only get better with the opening of the rooftop pool and bar. The three things I’d like to see get better at this hotel are the hot water  temperature, the hairdryer with concentrator attachment added, and reasonably priced mini-bar and snacks added to the rooms, or at least in the suites. All three of these things are very minimal but would elevate the hotel just a bit more. I highly recommend the Holston House to anyone looking for a great place to stay in Nashville.

What is your favorite hotel in Nashville?


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  1. Thank you for all the feedback, and the time out of your day to give us insight on how we can ALWAYS do a better job to make our guest experience as best as possible. This is truly something special, and I will let all members of our team know! If I can ever be of service, please feel free to reach out!

    Philip Shyatt

    Holston House/Tenn Restaurant

    Executive Chef

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