Redmont Hotel Birmingham, AL


Hotel Group: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Category: Category 6 (30,000-50,000 points)

Hotel Status: Diamond

Booking Type: Points booking (33,000)

Room type: King Bed

Date of Stay: December 2017


The Redmont Hotel is Birmingham’s oldest hotel, opening in 1925. It’s named after Birmingham’s Red Mountain and was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1983. That same year the hotel was purchased by a group of former NBA players, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In 2014, the Redmont underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and opened back up for business in 2016 under the Curio Collection by Hilton.

With a hotel as old as this one, you know there’s a lot of history in these walls. I read reports that Al Capone once had a shootout with the FBI in the hotel lobby and, most notably, Hank Williams spent his final night on earth in suite 301 before he passed away on his way to Charleston, SC.

It’s said the hotel is haunted by several ghosts who still roam the hallways today, including a woman who was murdered in her room and by a man who set himself on fire inside the hotel. There are a lot of employees who say they have seen doors open and close without any explanation and elevators randomly stopping on floors with no one there. I personally didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary but did talk to one employee who confirmed he saw mysterious things happen while he was there.

The hotel amenities include a fitness center, one restaurant, and a roof top bar. Valet overnight parking is $22, but I would suggest self-parking for free across the road. It’s literally 10 steps away.



I used 33,000 Hilton Honors points and $5.38 to book a King room. I don’t really stay at Hiltons anymore. I think their loyalty program is subpar compared to other hotel chains, so I had just enough points left to book this stay for basically free. If I had paid cash, the rate would have totaled $186.83. I was able to get a half cent apiece for my points, which is terrible, but that’s normal for Hilton redemptions.


To be completely honest, I don’t remember much about the check-in process. I had just finished driving eight hours and was tired and really hadn’t even planned on reviewing this place. I do remember he thanked me for being a Diamond member but other than that it was as basic as it gets. I swiped a credit card, showed my ID, and was off to my room.




I was on the 14th floor in room 1410. The room was simple; a bed, two nightstands, and a work desk. The TV was 40in, and the coffee machine was a Keurig. As for the bed, it was perfectly soft with excellent 250 thread count sheets, and both nightstands had easy access to outlets.








The views were good overlooking downtown Birmingham.


One thing that was not good was the wi-fi. This was supposed to be the premium connection. I would hate to see the speeds to the basic connection.


Here’s the laundry price list.



The bathroom was modern with a large walk-in shower. Something that a lot of hotels should take note of is the cut out in the glass, giving you access to the shower knobs. One of the most ludicrous hotel designs is when they make you stand under the shower to turn the knobs on. No one likes to be sprayed with cold water. It’s like the people who design hotels have actually never stayed in a hotel before. I know this is going to sound over-the-top or excessive, but I applaud the hotel’s analytical thinking on this matter.




The toiletries had a nice neutral scent and the Andis hairdryer was decent at best.




The fitness center was located in the basement. For as much space as they had, surely they could have put a few more pieces of equipment in here. There were only four cardio machines and one set of free weights.





Their main restaurant is Harvest, featuring modern fare with an Italian flavor. I had early dinner at the bar and ordered the Chicory salad and the ragu bolognese as my entrée. I was thoroughly impressed with the flavors of both dishes.





I was allotted $16 for breakfast, per my Diamond status. I ordered the two eggs breakfast which consisted of eggs, sausage, and toast. I thought the portions were a bit small but it tasted good and the eggs were perfectly cooked.


Also on the first floor is a grab-n-go food area. I didn’t have anything from here as it was closed when I arrived.




Their afternoon and late-night spot is The Roof. It has sweeping views of downtown Birmingham with indoor and outdoor seating and focuses on signature cocktails and local beers. I had a fantastic local saison beer. I didn’t make a note of the brand, but if you find yourself at the Redmont, I’m sure it will still be on there.








Here is the room service menu.


Service gets a 8/10. I really only came into contact with a few hotel associates, and everything was fine, besides when housekeeping tried to clean my room at 8:27am. 8:27!! Give me a break. There is absolutely no reason why housekeeping should be knocking on anyone’s door before 9am. I understand I could have put my DND sign up, but who would imagine getting bothered before 9am. For that reason alone I’ll drop their service score down a half point.


This hotel is one of those places where it’s nice to say you’ve stayed there, with all that has happened throughout the years here. This place has a ton of history, and the recent renovations were nicely done. I could see myself staying here again if I happen to be in downtown Birmingham and would have no problem recommending it to anyone, especially during the warmer months when The Roof is probably one of the best spots in Birmingham.

If anyone has stayed here did you have any ghostly encounters?


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