The #1 hotel I want to visit in 2018

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Hi, all! It’s Rob, your Editor-In-Chief. I don’t get to travel as often as Kevin does, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read, research, and dream about wonderful destinations I’d love to visit. I’m thrilled to drop in and bring you my most sought-after hotel for this year: Park Hyatt Saigon

About Park Hyatt 

Park Hyatt is Hyatt Hotels’ most upscale brand and currently my favorite hotel brand. With their most recent property opening in St Kitts, they now have 41 hotels in 23 different countries across six continents. From the world’s largest cities, like Paris, Tokyo, and their flagship in New York, to exotic locations like Zanzibar and Maldives, the Park Hyatt brand is a major bright spot for a hotel company that has seen its share of darkness in recent years.

Between the two of us, Kevin and I have racked up seven Park Hyatt stays around the world. Neither of us has ever been disappointed. They combine luxury accommodations, world-class service, and prime locations to create a consistently great experience. They also put a strong emphasis on their food and wine program across the brand–my favorite part of traveling–and it shows.

Despite lofty status, Park Hyatt can be surprisingly accessible for all sorts of travelers. Yes, there are nights where Park Hyatt New York can cost $1100 for a standard king room, but many of the properties have affordable rates if you play your cards right. World of Hyatt points stays and points+cash rates invite guests who, like me, would rarely, if ever, be able to stay at hotels of this quality. While many of their properties are at the higher end of their seven award categories, there are plenty of offerings in their lower tiers. They even have Park Hyatt Chennai in their lowest category. To be clear, you can stay at one of the cream of Hyatt’s crop for only 5,000 World of Hyatt points per night! Category 5 is the brand’s largest, with 18 properties and there are eleven locations across the globe in categories 1-4. That is some serious value, which is a key reason why Park Hyatt Saigon is at the top of my list.

About Park Hyatt Saigon

Right in the heart of all the action in Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, the hotel has 245 rooms, 23 of which are suites. It’s decorated in a gorgeous French-colonial style with five food/bar concepts, an expansive spa, a fitness center, and a pool. Look at this pool! Doesn’t it look like the perfect place to relax and cool off in the hot Ho Chi Minh City sun?



Park Hyatt Saigon is a category-4 hotel, so it only costs 15,000 World of Hyatt points per night. They also offer cash+points much of the time, 7,500 + $100 usually, for even better value. A standard room is listed at 365 sq ft, which is plenty of room for me, and the bathroom is all marble with a walk-in shower. Large windows allow guests to look out over a bustling District 1 below.



The food at Park Hyatt Saigon looks nothing short of excellent. I have it on good authority from a Vietnamese American friend, who visits Vietnam often and considers this hotel one of her worldwide favorites, that the Sunday brunch is not to be missed. That takes place at Opera, the Italian restaurant, and there is also Square One, serving French and traditional Vietnamese fare. Park Lounge is for small bites, and afternoon tea and pastries, 2 Lam Son is a martini bar with late-night  snacks, and then there is The Pastry Boutique, a high-end patisserie. Pastry Chef Kim Narae has won competitions all over the world, adding to the allure of an already impressive dining lineup. Whether you want a high-energy DJ at 2 Lam Son, a smooth jazz trio on the terrace, or a soft piano in Park Lounge, there is music in the hotel every day of the week except Monday.

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Having never visited, I have long been intrigued by Asia, Southeast Asia in particular. I am happy to report I am finally going to get to travel to Vietnam, as my wife and I have flights booked in May. I don’t yet have reservations on the books at Park Hyatt Saigon, but it is at the top of my list, as I have been eyeing it for several years now. Were it in a city I’m familiar with, I am not sure I would ever leave the hotel during my stay. It has everything I could possibly want or need. There is much to see in Ho Chi Minh City, but Kari may have to drag me, kicking and screaming, away from Park Hyatt Saigon.

To let yourself fall even more in love with Park Hyatt Saigon, you can visit their website.

What is the hotel you most want to visit in 2018?



Disclosure: I am in no way partnered with Hyatt or Park Hyatt Saigon. I received zero compensation for writing about this brand and hotel. I wrote this strictly on my behalf and this is truly the hotel I most want to visit in 2018.

 Feature photos are courtesy of Park Hyatt Saigon
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