The #1 hotel I want to visit in 2018


About Aman

For those of you unfamiliar with the Aman brand, it consists of 31 properties around the world with a focus on space and privacy. Aman means “peaceful” in Sanskrit and has a motto of “each welcomes guests as if to the home of a close friend, instilling a sense of peace and belonging amid some of the most diverse natural and historical landscapes”.

Most Aman properties have fewer than 45 rooms with a staff ratio of usually four staff to one guest. It’s not hard to tell this is not your normal hotel brand. Prices range from $800 to $50,000 a night but even with the high rates, most of their occupancy comes from returning guests who are often referred to as Aman “junkies”. If you’re lucky enough to be an Aman junkie the next time you visit any of the 31 properties they will already know how you like your coffee and whether you prefer sparkling or still water.

I’ve been staying in hotels part-time now for eight years, but my love for fine hotels is rather new. I first learned about Aman Resorts several years ago and after reading every review I could get my hands on, I have made it a goal to stay with them this year.

Pool & Terrace


About Amangani

Amangani meaning “peaceful home”, is set along the edge of East Gros Venture Butte in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The location gives it close proximity to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the National Elk Refuge. During the winter months, they receive an average of 400 inches of snow making it ideal for skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. If you prefer some uncommon activities, they also have heli-skiing and dog sledding just to name a few. As for the warmer months, they offer fly-fishing  tours, guided tours of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks, and horseback riding. Let’s not forget the year-around wildlife viewing opportunities with sights of Bear, Elk, Wolves, and Moose. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can hang out by the 115 ft. heated pool and watch the most gorgeous sunsets you have ever seen.

Swimming Pool Dusk


There are no base rooms here. All rooms in the main complex are suites with either a terrace or a balcony. They all have huge picture windows with views of either Teton or Snake River Valley. As for the bathroom, the soaking tub is the highlight with large windows overlooking the landscape.

Spring Gulch Suite Bedroom


Spring Gulch Suite Bedroom


I could go on and on about why this property is my #1 I want to visit in 2018, but I think you can understand why. I’ll leave you with a few links so you can explore the property in more detail. Amangani website & Amangani winter explorers guide.

I want to give big thanks to Aman Resorts for providing me with photos, so I could share the absolute beauty of this property with you.

What is your #1 hotel you want to visit in 2018?

Lobby & Zinc Bar


Disclosure: I am in no way partnered with Aman Resorts or Amangani (I wish). I received zero compensation for writing about this brand and hotel. I wrote this strictly on my behalf and this is truly my #1 hotel I want to visit in 2018.

Feature photos are courtesy of Aman
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