St. Regis Atlanta


Hotel Group: St. Regis (Starwood Preferred Guest)

Hotel Category: Cat 6

Hotel Status: Gold

Booking Type: Points  Booking

Room Type: Deluxe King

I wanted to see how good the service is here, as I’ve heard St. Regis service is some of the best in the hotel industry. So I made a simple request the night before arrival asking them to have the greatest movie of all-time (The Godfather Part II) to be in the room when I arrive or, even better, have it already playing.  I was in contact with them through email and told them I’d be arriving at 1:15pm.


The St. Regis says, “The best address in Atlanta.” And I believe it is. The AAA five diamond-rated hotel has 151 rooms with 31 suites. It’s located in the charming neighborhood of Buckhead several miles north of downtown Atlanta and it’s close to some of the city’s best attractions.



The hotel offers its guest a piazza-themed 40,000 square foot pool, spa service in a beautifully designed space, athletic club, signature St. Regis butler service, six dining options, a billiards room, evening rituals such as Champagne sabring, private transfers within a two-mile radius, plus your normal hotel amenities.

About the only thing I didn’t get to experience at the hotel was the billiards room as it was closed while I was there.

Valet Parking was a reasonable $40.


This St. Regis is a category-6 hotel, so I was able to book this stay for 20,000 Starwood points. The cash rate for the superior room was $583.54 but I was upgraded to a deluxe room possibly because I’m gold status with them or perhaps out of the goodness of their hearts, so the room I actually got to stay in was going for $622ish.


I was able to get 3.11 cents per Starpoint which is pretty solid for a hotel stay.


I arrived at 1:15pm and the valet immediately greeted me. Moments later a bellhop came over to get my luggage and show me to the front desk. The reception desk is located on the back left side of the lobby.


The bellhop informed the gentleman at the reception desk who I was and he immediately knew my name as if they were anticipating my arrival. He informed me they had something special set up and made a call over his ear piece for my butler Jacob to come out and greet me. As a Starwood gold member I was offered either a points welcome amenity or a drink at the St. Regis Bar. After chatting with the bellhop for a minute Jacob came out and welcomed me. Both the bellhop and Jacob escorted me to my room on the 6th floor.

Talk about feeling special, it was probably the warmest welcome I’ve ever received at a hotel and having both gentlemen escort me to my room was fantastic.


The lobby is stunning. With chandeliers and several fireplaces, it’s luxury all the way. It didn’t feel like a hotel but more like a living room in a mansion.




The elevators are located near the center of the lobby.



Room 652 is located a short walk right of the elevators.




I knew there was something special behind the door but I had no idea what to expect. As I mentioned above I simply ask for The Godfather movie to be in the room so when I opened the door I was surprised to see how Jacob took my small request and turned it into something I’ll probably never forget.







I was blown away. I couldn’t stop saying wow. For Jacob to put this much thought into my request was far beyond anything I expected. It could not have got any better. Before he left the room he explained to me that he was downloading the movie on the Apple TV and it should be ready to watch in just a few minutes. He told me if there was anything else I needed to simply call him and he’d be there to help. To say we were off to a great start would be an understatement.

The room was 440 square feet.




The king bed was just the right amount of soft with 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and the pillows were some of the best I’ve seen at a hotel.



There’s a sliding door between the bedroom and bathroom.



One nightstand had an alarm clock iPhone charger on it. The other did not but there was easy access to an outlet behind the nightstand.




The drawer that had the TV on top of it housed the mini bar with snacks as well as the safe. If you have read many of my reviews you know I’m not a fan of hotels charging $5 for a soda. I think it’s ridiculous but that’s pretty much the standard when it comes to luxury hotels.







The TV was a 37 inches, which was about perfect for the size of the room. Who are we kidding I’d prefer a 60 inch.



In the entryway were the closets and Nespresso machine.




The view from the room was a good people watching spot with a small balcony that you could step out on.




The wi-fi connection in the room was decent.


Overall I was pleased with the size of the room and comfort of the bed. Every time I walked into the room it had this beautiful fragrance that really enhanced the room. I loved the chairs at the desk and having The Godfather playing on a loop made it feel like home.


The bathroom was done in white marble with a double vanity, a soaking tub, and separate shower.





I love hotels that have TV’s inside the vanity mirrors. This place has a 17 inch screen in them.


The toiletries are Laboratoire Remède and are specially made for the St Regis brand. I was looking on the website and these things are not cheap. I prefer Le Labo but these are a close second.




The one robe in the room was hanging up by the tub. One of the nicest I’ve seen at a hotel.


The hairdryer was the standard Conair 1875. Can someone tell me why most hairdryers I see always have the number 1875 attach to it?


The only trouble I had with the bathroom was the shower head had a hard time staying up, it kept sliding down the bar. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to tighten it up.

Athletic Club 

The fitness area is located on the 7th floor with views overlooking the pool piazza and is open 24 hours a day. It’s an array of cardio and weight machines as well as free weights.






There’s also a separate room for yoga or exercise classes and lockers just to the left to store personal items.



Near the entrance is where you can find dry or cold towels as well as bottled water.

Overall a solid place to work out.


A highlight of the hotel is the pool piazza. It’s a 40,000 square foot area with tons of seating, a heated pool, jacuzzi, bar, fireplace, and waterfalls. I haven’t been to every hotel pool in Atlanta but this has to rank as one of if not the best in the city. It’s located on the 6th floor.





The deepest part of the pool is 5 ft and is just a stunner. I mean just look at this photo. It’s the most gorgeous city pool I’ve seen.


Under the grand terrace is the bar area where you can get food and drinks. The wait staff were very attentive as you’d expect.


Just an incredible pool area. I was surprised during my stay that there weren’t many people using it but I bet this place gets rocking at times.


The Remède spa is also on the 6th floor. Hotel guests have to pay $25 to use the facilities. I intended to use the steam room my day of departure but someone forgot to turn it on that morning and it wasn’t hot at all. I tried to wait 20 minutes for it to heat up but it never got to a hot temperature so I left. They did refund the $25 dollars.








There’s a relaxation room with snacks and fruit-flavored water.





I thought the men’s locker room was well-appointed and the amenities were great. How many times do you see chilled towels with cucumbers on them? I can answer that: not often. The only hiccup was the steam room. It was disappointing someone forgot to turn it on that morning.

Restaurants/Food Service

The hotel offers six dining options including room service.


I’ll start with the Poolside Café & Bar. I had a small bite to eat here soon after I arrived. Milton was the associate waiting on me and he was fantastic, personable, and knowledgable about the menu. I ordered a Corona and the tuna poke bowl. 9.1/10 the watermelon in the poke bowl was so good.fullsizeoutput_1b1d

Here’s the menu.


Next up is the Wine Room. You can have lunch and dinner here. You can do flights of wine with a tasting menu. I did not eat here but was able to take a photo of the area.


Next up is Astor Court, named after Colonial John Jacob Astor IV, the founder of St. Regis hotels & resorts. It’s located on the second level overlooking the hotel lobby. It offers breakfast and lunch daily in addition to afternoon tea Friday thru Sunday. I did not eat here so not sure about the menu but I love the space. It’s one of the most beautiful areas of the hotel.




One really cool thing they do here every night at 6pm (maybe 5pm) in the hallway beside the Astor Court reception desk is sabre a bottle of Champagne. Damien, the gentleman who was handling the event, gave a great explanation on why they do this but I was a bottle of wine and a few cocktails in so I don’t remember exactly. But it was really cool to see. The hotel never mentioned this during my check-in so if I hadn’t read up on the hotel I never would have known they do it. I highly recommend joining them during this and as an added bonus they give you a glass of Champagne.



Next up, the St. Regis Bar is just down the hallway from the Astor Court. It’s open for lunch, dinner, and late night drinks. All St. Regis bars have a famous mural like the one in New York and this one is no different. It’s a Phoenix rising from the ashes with old Atlanta on the left side and new Atlanta on the right.




According to St. Regis, the Bloody Mary was invented at the St. Regis King Cole bar in New York back in 1934. So, to keep with tradition, the signature cocktail of all St. Regis Bars is the Bloody Mary. Every hotel makes up their own with a slight variation. I had to order one since this is a review after all. It was accompanied by bar snacks of crackers, pimento cheese, and nuts.



I’m picky when it comes to Bloody Mary’s but this one was excellent had a nice spicy kick to it. If you’d like to make it yourself, here is the recipe they provide.


The day I was leaving I went in for lunch and ordered the pimento cheese burger. 9.4/10 The burger was great.


Here are the menus that were offered to me.

Next up is Restaurant Atlas. It opens at 5:30pm for dinner with the bar opening for service at 4pm. I went in soon after  they opened to check it out and get a cocktail. The bartenders were great. I asked for a Seelbach, which was off the menu and they had no problem making it for me. They do print their menus daily as items change every day.






There is also outdoor seating. I’m not sure if this is part of the Wine Room or Atlas though.


Here’s the bar cocktail list that was provided.


Last but not least, room service. I was slightly hungover the next morning (hey, someone has to review these cocktails) so I decided to order room service instead of going to Astor Court for breakfast. I was really wanting to order the Southern Gentleman breakfast but they told me they no longer offer it so I went with the bespoke eggs Benedict with steak. The breakfast arrived 25 minutes after I ordered and it was delicious. I give it 8.5/10.



Here is a sample of the room service menus.

All the restaurants, to my knowledge, share a bathroom that is in the hallway separating all the eateries. Normally I wouldn’t post a photo of the bathroom but it was too gorgeous not to.


When every aspect of the hotel lives up to the hype and exceeds your expectations you know it’s the real deal.


Surprisingly, this was my first stay at a St. Regis and I’ve heard great things about the level of service they provide so I decided to ask them for a special request (Godfather) and let me tell you, they knocked it out of the park. Not only did Jacob fulfill my request, he went far beyond what I asked. Another associate of the hotel that surprised me with a high level of service was Linda. She worked the reception desk. I had a good conversation with her the day I was there. 30 hours after I had checked out I noticed I had forgotten my laptop charger at the desk. I called and security had it, so I told them I’d be right over to get it. Linda was working the reception desk when I came in, she immediately recognized me and addressed me by name.  This was 30 hours after I had seen her last. For Linda to remember my name is a demonstration of what 5-star service is all about. The other four service members I interacted with were Damien, Milton, Mary, and Sonja (I hope that is how she spelled it). Each one of them gave 5-star service. It’s actually a miracle I remember all their names but it just shows how well they did their job. This place gets 10/10 in service.


Is there anything else that needs to be said? When people ask me what’s my favorite hotel I often say The Langham Chicago or The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam but this place takes the cake on what a luxury hotel should be. I hope it continues to be this good in years to come as I will surely be back. One other note, yes I used points for my stay as I have a good balance of Starwood points but I would have no problem paying $500 and up for this place. It was truly an unforgettable experience.


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