Melrose Mansion, New Orleans


Hotel Group: French Quarter Hotel Collection

Booking Type: Paid Stay

Room Type: Contemporary Jacuzzi


The Melrose Mansion is part of the French Quarter Hotel Collection located on the edge of the French Quarter at 937 Esplanade Ave. This is an ideal spot if you are looking for a French Quarter getaway. It’s far enough away from the crowds to feel residential but still a close walk to some of the best the French Quarter has to offer.

The mansion has 21 rooms and suites with access to the best pool in the French Quarter along with a fitness studio, breakfast, and a happy hour serving free wine and cheese daily.

The mansion was originally built in 1885 as a single family home but it’s been many things since then, including a bordello and apartments for boom-boom girls. As you can imagine there’s a lot of history in these walls. Here’s a link from their website for a more thorough history of the Mansion.

Valet parking is $26.


I booked this stay on their website. I could have booked through a travel website but from the searches I’ve done their own website has the lowest published price.fullsizeoutput_19dffullsizeoutput_195c

I opted for the Contemporary Jacuzzi room. I knew I’d be reviewing this place so I wanted something a little better than their standard room. The room came to $206.63. I did receive $18 in my Guest Book account for a future stay. Guest Book is the loyalty program they use. It offers cash rewards for booking direct. I haven’t dug too deep into Guest Book but I’m hoping to soon. Right before paying they ask if you’d like to purchase an add-on to the reservation. I really like when hotels give you options like this, it gives you a chance to make the stay more personal. This is what they offer but I’m sure it’s not limited to these.




We arrived around 1:30pm hoping for an early check-in. The Uber dropped us off in front of the hotel and if you didn’t know it was there you’d never know this was the place. It looks more like a beautiful Victorian mansion than a hotel.


After entering through the small gate you ring the door bell to the front door. I’d much prefer they meet you out front but I can appreciate them keeping the front door locked.


The receptionist was prompt in answering the door and greeting us with a smile. She offered to help with luggage and then escorted us through the foyer and into the great room.





The small room you see in the last photo is where we checked in. It was a quick process that only lasted a few minutes. She went to double check to see if our room was ready and then escorted us to the Rose room, which was just past the stairs on the right.



The Rose room is located poolside with a jacuzzi tub and king bed and they range from 550-650 sq ft.


The TV and refrigerator are located right off the bed against the wall.




The refrigerator is empty but the Cuisinart coffee maker is placed on top of it. It really should be a Nespresso coffee maker. Only the suites in the hotel have them.


By the windows looking out at the pool is a small seating area.


The king bed was semi-soft with plush pillows and nightstands on each side.




As you can see there are no outlets on the nightstands but for some reason it didn’t bother me as much as it usually does. There were outlets just behind them that were easy to get to.

In front of the bed was a mirror and the closet on the left and bathroom on the right.



Inside the closet were a safe and ironing board but no robes which was a bummer.


Instead of having an electronic keycard to get into the room they give you physical keys which I thought was cool. It’s not often you get keys these days.


Overall I really liked the room. The bed was comfortable and the high ceilings made the room feel very spacious. One thing to note is there was not a single trash can in the room or bathroom. We had to call to get one delivered. It sounded like housekeeping just forgot to replace it.

One thing I normally don’t get a chance to do is check out the best suites of the hotel. I ask the associate working at the time if he could give us a tour and he was happy to show us around. I was able to take a few photos of two different suites. I don’t know what they are called but the room numbers were 1A and 2A. These suites were located in another building just a short walk from the main house.


Without any description here’s the photos of the suites starting with 1A.






Suite 2A.





As you can tell these suites were top of the line. If you can afford it I’d highly recommend staying in one of these rooms. I wish I could live in one.


Now, back to my bathroom in the Rose room. There was a jacuzzi tub on the left with the shower and toilet on the right. The whole bathroom is done beautifully in Carrera marble.








The toiletries were branded by the New Orleans Hotel Collection. I had low expectations for these but was pleasantly surprised. They felt and smelled like high quality.


The hair dryer was a standard Con Air 1875. I’ve seen worse.


As you can tell the bathroom was the highlight of the room. The water pressure was strong and the water was perfectly hot and the gorgeous marble throughout the bathroom was stunning.

Fitness Room

The fitness room is located on the third floor of the main house.






As you can see there are plenty of weight lifting options and just one cardio option. The free weights you see in the last photo included 100 lbs dumbbells, 100 lbs! I feel for the guy who had to carry these up three flights of stairs.

Just to the right as soon as you reach the top of the stairs is a small room for yoga or any other thing you need a little space for, with views of downtown.



The gym could be a little better but the fact they even have one is a big plus.


The best pool in the French Quarter, maybe even all of New Orleans.



The pool is 10ft deep with a small staircase on the right side of the shallow end. It is not heated but it’s always 200 degrees in New Orleans so the water temperature is perfect. There’s one thing I love when staying at a hotel with a pool is when it actually has a deep end you can have some fun in. I’d rank this pool right up there with the Shelborne South Beach pool I stayed in last year.



The pool is open 24 hours a day and is lit up gorgeously at night.



Besides the seating around the pool there’s a small porch just to the side of the pool with a few chairs. It can be accessed from the great room of the main house or from outside.




Not a single bad thing to be said about the pool. I would stay here again just so I could swim in the pool; simply outstanding.


Continental breakfast was included in the stay and wasn’t that good but a few days after I stayed they started offering hot breakfast, including but not limited to biscuits, eggs, grits, bacon, and sausage. Breakfast is served in I guess what you could call the pool house just behind our room.








Just outside of the pool house, between houses one and two, is more seating.



I’m really glad to see they started offering a better breakfast spread. The continental  breakfast was disappointing for such a great hotel.


It’s hard to put a ranking on the service. The receptionist was nice and the associate who showed us around was great. There wasn’t much we needed that required me to interact with any other employees. We basically had free run of the place. I heard they are implementing a butler service soon so that could sharpen things up a bit.


I love this hotel. I rank it second best in the city behind Windsor Court. I think it has potential to be #1 if they did a few things like add Nespresso machines in every room, add beverages and snacks in the refrigerators, add the butler service, and maybe add in-room spa services. The hotel is simply beautiful and, between the chandeliers and the beautifully designed windows, the small details really make this place shine.




Between the hours of 4:30pm and 5:30pm they offer free wine and cheese in the great room.


That’s just another reason I rank this hotel #2 in New Orleans. If you are visiting the city or just needing a staycation this is a sure thing.



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