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First off I’d like to thank Andrew Loupe for doing this Travel Talk with me. Just a quick run down on Loupe for those of you not as familiar with him as you should be. He’s starting his fifth year on the PGA Tour this fall but if he wasn’t playing professional golf you might see him playing professional basketball somewhere. He was a two-time all-state basketball standout in high school. In his Inside the PGA Tour clip you can measure him up and see if you have what it takes to beat him. When Andrew isn’t playing golf he’s either fishing or getting SWOLL in the gym.

He once told me he benched 315 lbs. If you’ve been to the gym lately you know that’s a lot of weight to be pushing around. Besides being a great golfer and tremendous athlete Andrew is one of the most genuine and caring guys I know. If you ever root against him you’re probably one of the dumbest people in the world.👊🏽

So just like last time I’m leaving the golf talk out and just focusing on Andrew’s travel habits. The real hard-hitting questions!

What is your preferred Airline?

Delta, not sure on my status but I do carry the American Express Platinum card so I can get into SkyClub lounges.

Are you a window or aisle seat kinda guy?


What’s your go-to in-flight beverage?

Red wine.

What’s one thing you can’t travel without?


What’s the best flight you’ve ever taken?

It was a business class Delta flight to Scotland with fully reclining seats.

What’s your favorite airport?

Baton Rouge (BTR) because it’s small, easy, and fast. I know bigger airports are nice and have far more things but the quick convenience of BTR is nice.

What is your preferred hotel chain?

Hilton because I am accumulating Hilton Honor points.

Would you rather have a city view or a water view?

Water view.

What’s the best hotel you have stayed at?

The Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Pretty much any beach.

What’s your dream vacation?

I would really like to go on a trip around western Europe.

Do you keep up with your hotel and airline points?

Not really, but I do have it all documented.

Do you have any travel horror stories?

Yeah, on a flight I was on a while back we encountered some really severe turbulence and lightning struck the plane. People were kissing the ground when we landed. It was absolutely horrifying.

With all your travel, what are a few travel tips you have learned along the way?

Get Global Entry. It can save you a ton of time and headache through customs on international flights. It also gives you TSA PreCheck on domestic flights and it only costs $100 every five years.

Once again I’d like to give a huge thanks to Loupe, If you want to hear more on Andrew check him out on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

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