Hyatt Centric French Quarter


Hotel Group: Hyatt Hotels

Hotel Category: Cat 4

Hotel Status: Globalist

Booking Type: Hyatt credit card anniversary night

Room Type: Standard king suite


The hotel is located at 800 Iberville St. If that doesn’t ring a bell then maybe Bourbon St does and this hotel is in the French Quarter, just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Bourbon St. The hotel offers an outdoor courtyard pool, 24-hour fitness center, in-room spa services, five dining options, and a few other standard hotel amenities. Valet parking is $42 a night plus tax.


I had a free category 1-4 Hyatt night I needed to use before October 1st. I received this by reaching 30 nights with Hyatt this year. I booked this super last-minute so I was happy they had a standard room available. If not, I would have had to pay something like $170 (which I wouldn’t have). As a Globalist with Hyatt I knew I could get upgraded to a standard suite for free if it were available and lucky for me it was. So I ended up in a $211 Petite Suite King for free.

One thing to note is all the Hyatt’s in New Orleans are a category 4 or lower so it’s a good place to use this type of free night award.



The receptionist was polite but overall the check-in was pretty lackluster. She didn’t go over any elite benefits nor did she talk about the hotel at all. I did have to inquire about  upgrading me to the standard suite, which she did without hesitation, so that was nice because I was ready to go to the mattresses over it (Godfather lingo). I knew I was going to review the hotel so I definitely wanted to show you all one of their suites.



Both the lobby and whole first floor are quite large. All the restaurants and conference rooms are located here. The three entrances to the hotel are on Canal St, Dauphine St, and Iberville St. You’ll need to be on Dauphine St if you plan on using valet service.






Finding the elevators on the bottom floor is easy but once you’re on the guest floors it’s easy to get lost. There could be 3 or 4 different hallways you need to go down before you get to your room. The hotel really needs to put up more signage in the hallways directing you to the elevators.



Room 437 is a Petite King Suite. Their suites range from 550 sq ft to 890. This suite had to be in the 550 sq ft range. Once you’re in the room it’s basically just a huge open space with the bathroom on the far left side of the room. Another reason the room feels big is the high ceilings.




The king bed was semi-soft with nightstands on each side and a TV in front.




If you don’t know one of my biggest pet peeves is when a hotel doesn’t give ample and easy access to outlets by the bed so it’s one of the first things I look for when I enter a room. I’m happy to report this hotel gives great access to outlets on the side of the nightstands.



The TV channel guide.


The living room area is in the middle of the room. It’s simply one couch with an end table  with $4 Aquafina waters on it and a TV against the wall.




Inside the small dresser was an empty fridge and a few Keurig coffee pods. I’m always confused when a 2.5 or 3 star and above hotel doesn’t fill their fridges up with beverages. The markup is huge so I’m sure they make money off of it.




The closet is located just to the left of the bathroom and it had two really nice comfortable robes hanging up.



The wi-fi while in the room was decent at best and this was their premium wi-fi. This was the fastest speeds I clocked out of several test.


Overall the room was spacious but felt empty. They could have put more personality into it and the TV’s need to be bigger for such a big room.


The sink was in the walkway with the toilet and shower in another room.





The toiletries were BeeKind products from Gilchrist & Soames. I wasn’t a huge fan but they were better than the typical products Hyatt uses in Hyatt Places.



The highlight of the bathroom was the hairdryer. Yes, I sometimes blow dry my hair. The hairdryer was from Drybar. Probably the best one I’ve ever used at a hotel. This Hyatt is pretty proud of it also because I remember seeing several mentions of this during my stay.



The fitness center is open 24/7 and is on the second floor. It has the usual suspects; treadmills, free weights, ellipticals, etc. There was someone working out so I didn’t get a photo of the treadmills but I’m sure you get the idea.



Towels and water were on a cabinet beside the entrance.


The fitness area was fine, nothing over the top but could certainly get a good workout in.


The pool is open from 6am-10pm and is also located on the second floor. It’s in a courtyard in the center of the hotel which is a nice if you want to escape the French Quarter for a bit.



There’s also a poolside bar which you could order food and drinks from.




I believe the pool is only four feet deep at its deepest which is a bummer but overall this is still an enjoyable pool to escape the NOLA heat.

There’s another courtyard just on the other side of the pool. There are just some chairs and a little tree cover, I felt I should mention it but I don’t think it gets much use besides people going over there to smoke.




There are four restaurants inside the hotel not including the poolside bar or room service: The Hard Rock Cafe, Red Fish Grill, Batch Bar and the Powdered Sugar. The last two will be the only ones I touch on.

I had a quick burger the night I arrived at Batch Bar. The bartender was nice and personable. I did over hear him telling some other guest that Scotch is only made in Scotland and Bourbon is only made in Bourbon County, KY. Both are obviously not true. Makes me wonder how a bartender can get that so wrong.






My only real complaint about the bar is the next day I went inside to take a couple of photos before they opened. The bartender was behind the bar so I politely asked if they mind if I took a few photos. They immediately went on the offensive and asked what they were for and why. I really wanted to be rude and tell them not to worry about it but I didn’t and simply said they were for me. I even said they didn’t have to be behind the bar if they didn’t want to be in the shot. As you can see the bartender is just gleaming with happiness.

The Powdered Sugar is where they offer breakfast as well as lunch and late night eats. The wait staff was much more friendly than the bartender I just spoke about.





Off on the right side of Powdered Sugar is where they set up the breakfast buffet. The awesome thing about the breakfast is it goes until 12pm. I hate when hotels cut off breakfast at 9 or 9:30am.



I ended up skipping the buffet and just settling for a smoothie which was taken care of since I’m a Globalist member.


I’ve stayed at this hotel two other times and up until this past stay I didn’t know the Hard Rock and Red Fish Grill were part of the hotel. You’ll have to do some searching to find them, as they’re not exactly close to the lobby on the first floor.



Service was hit and miss on this stay. The receptionist was nice but didn’t seem that interested in making me feel welcomed or informing me on hotel policy (breakfast, wi-fi, etc). The bartender on the second day at Batch Bar rubbed me the wrong way, they definitely needed a better attitude. The staff at Powdered Sugar however were very polite and made me feel much better about the staff at the hotel. Overall they get a 6.9/10 for this stay.


Couple things to note if you’re going to stay here, request a room on the second floor that has direct access to the pool. I’ve stayed in one of those rooms once before and I enjoyed it much better than the suite. Service was pretty weak on this trip but my previous stays they were much better so I won’t hold it against them this time. The location is great if you’re looking to stay in the Quarter and I really dig the pool even though it doesn’t have much of a deep end. I would probably rank this hotel in the top-10 in the Quarter.




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