Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


Aww yes, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. I forgot to post this 6 months ago. Better late than never, I suppose. Anyway, If you want to see what the Grand Hyatt is like in December, here ya go. And since I don’t remember the small details this will be more of a photo review instead of a full length review.


This is Hyatt’s flagship Asian hotel; a category 6 Hyatt. Opened in 1989, it has 542 rooms. It’s connected to Hong Kong’s convention center and exhibition center. If you are lucky enough to get a room with views of Victoria Harbor the views are great, especially at night.



I booked a Grand Deluxe King for December 10th-13th using points+cash. This being a Category 6 hotel the rate was 12500 points and $1,167 HKD ($150ish USD) a night.  If I would have paid just cash the rate would have been $3,300 HKD a night. In case you’re wondering this is how Hyatt breaks down their hotels.



I setup transportation from the airport to the hotel through Singapore Airlines because Singapore was offering 4.5 points per $1 spent. One great thing I loved about setting up transportation with them is the car offered free WiFi. On the way back to the airport from the hotel I booked an Uber. The rate was $461 HKD ($59 USD). The ride to and from the airport is approximately 40 minutes. Almost all my Uber’s during my stay in Hong Kong were in Tesla’s Model S.



There’s a neat park located right across from the hotel that lights up at night.


There are several bellhops outside helping with taxis, etc. during the day.



The lobby is certainly grand. During the day there’s a lot going on but thanks to me being jet-lagged I was able to get some good pics around 3am.




I was a big fan of the room. The views were great, the bed firm but still very comfortable, and the overall layout was excellent.




There were several outlets on each side of the bed and the room came with a universal adaptor. The blinds and thermostat controls were near the bed as well.


The mini bar was in the drawers just left of the TV. The prices were a little high but should be expected. The three waters you see in the drawer were complimentary and were replenished everyday.


I had room service the moment I arrived because I was so hung over there was no chance I was making it out of the room.


Here are the room service menus.


One of the best things this hotel does is offer its guests a smart phone located by the bed. This was a life saver to me. Instead of racking up huge data charges on my phone I was able to roam around Hong Kong using their smart phone.


The internet at the hotel was solid the whole time.



The bathroom was perfectly sized for one person. It would probably get a little cramped with two people trying to get ready, though.


As you can see there’s a partition that you would bring down by the tub if you wanted more privacy. The controls were located by sink.


In case you left something at home, Hyatt offers a ton of things for free.


The toiletries were by June Jacobs. Not my favorite but better than the standard Hyatt toiletries.



The fitness center was as big and nice as any I’ve ever seen at a hotel.



The pool is located on the 11th floor. It’s 50 meters long, heated, and has good views of the skyline.



Grand Club Lounge

One of the best things about holding top-tier status with Hyatt is getting access to club lounges. For those of you who don’t know, all the food and drink in the lounge is free to club level guests and top tier status holders. Here’s a paper that was in my room explaining the Grand Club lounge.


This is by far the best one I’ve visited in all my Hyatt stays. The breakfast was fantastic, afternoon hors d’oeuvre’s were practically dinner, and the drink options were really good. This is a two-story lounge located on the 30th floor so, as you can imagine, the views were great as well.


Like I mentioned above, the food offerings were really good and the service was fantastic. I always seem to get superior service in Asia to what I get in the States. The food photos are in no particular order.



I’d give them a 9.1 for service. Everyone was great, especially the club lounge associates. I didn’t come into contact with many employees but the ones I did were extremely nice. The note waiting for me in my room upon arrival is always a nice touch.



This is truly a grand hotel. I enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to return and the fact they give guests a smart phone is a huge benefit of staying here.

This is a huge hotel with it being connected to the convention center so there are plenty things I left off. I didn’t eat at any of the restaurants and I didn’t check out the spa but I did wander around a bit so here’s a few random photos I snapped a during my stay.



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  1. Love seeing all of the pics hope we get to go back together!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love seeing all of the pics hope we get to back together!

    Liked by 1 person

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