Singapore Airlines A380-800 SIN-HKG


I will be skipping the boarding area and lounge part of this trip because I was way too hungover and tired to even think about doing anything on my layover.

Flight Information

Singapore Airlines A380-800 SIN-HKG (Singapore to Hong Kong) in suite class with a flight time of 3 hours and 40 minutes.



As I mentioned in my last review this was my last leg of my LAX-NRT-SIN-HKG trip. In short, I booked the whole itinerary for 123,250 KrisFlyer miles (Singapore Airline miles) and $281.45.


If interested in the full booking process check out the other Singapore review here.


I booked seat 3D which is a middle seat.



There are 12 suite class (first class) seats. The first class cabin is located in the front of the bottom level of the plane. Business class is on the upper deck.


I’m usually a window seat kinda guy but on Singapore’s A380 you have a chance to turn both middle seats into one massive bed as long as someone isn’t seated next to you or you are with a travel companion. I was lucky, no one was beside me so I got the opportunity to try it out firsthand. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ll get into the bed in a minute but first let’s review the actual seat.


It feels more like a captain’s chair than any airline seat I’ve ever sat in, which isn’t a bad thing. The seat has 81 inches of pitch and is 35 inches wide.



In front of the seat you have an ottoman with a small amount of storage under the cushion and more space for your bags underneath. Also, if you are traveling with someone you could dine together using the ottoman as a seat.


The footrest extends out with the touch of a button.


The seat controls are in the right armrest.


The lighting controls are located just above the entertainment remote. I love the Do Not Disturb button.


The great thing about having a fully enclosed suite is the privacy. You have a partial shade that comes down on the windows which helps block out some of the light.


There is also a partition that comes down the middle of the seats so you can have some privacy from the person sitting beside you.


Now let’s talk about the bed. There may not be a better bed in the sky when you can turn two seats into one big bed.



After an eight hour overnight layover in Singapore with no sleep, hungover and jet lagged, I was in desperate need of some sleep. Needless to say, the bed hit the spot and I was able to get two hours of sleep on my way to Hong Kong.

Overall I thought the bed was comfortable. The mattress pad is on the firm side but the blanket was soft and comfortable and having four pillows was great.


I noticed the stairs to the upper deck are located next to the bathroom. It will never get old seeing stairs on an airplane.


Like the bathroom on Singapore’s 777 I thought it was small. Other than the toiletries, which were Tuscan Sun by Salvatore Ferragamo, there’s really nothing special to talk about here.


Marianna got onto me for taking a photo with the seat up. So from here on out, I’ll have the seat down for everyone.


The TV sits directly across from you on the wall. It’s 23 inches wide.


Singapore Airlines calls their programming KrisWorld Entertainment. It offers around 100 movies and 180 television series as well as hundreds of audio albums.


I watched a couple episodes of Two and A Half Men and messed around with the flight tracker for the remaining time I was awake.




The handheld remote is housed just to the right of the armrest.


It’s not the new one that Singapore uses on their new 777’s. I think it’s the exact same one Delta uses on some of their aircraft. I might be wrong about that.

The Bose noise-canceling headphones were handed out just before takeoff and, no, you do not get to keep them.


The picture quality was excellent and one of my favorite shows is Two and A Half Men (Charlie Sheen episodes, not Ashton Kutcher episodes) so I was pleased with the entertainment.

Food/Meal Service

Soon after takeoff we were served mixed nuts and a beverage. I mentioned earlier I was hungover but I couldn’t help myself from ordering a glass of Krug. Sadly, I was only able to take one sip of it. I was disappointed that’s all I could do but sometimes you just can’t do it.


For the brunch service I used Singapore’s “Book the Cook” feature on this flight. I pre-ordered the classic lobster thermidor.


The lobster was cooked perfectly but I didn’t care much for the sauce they put on top of the lobster. I much prefer the Boston lobster thermidor I had on the previous Singapore flight.

I can’t remember if the fruit came after or before the meal but either way it was great.


With this being a shorter flight your options are limited. Here is the full menu.


The service was excellent, as always. They called me by name immediately and made sure I had everything I wanted during the whole flight. Before takeoff they passed out hot towels, one of several I received on the flight.


They also gave us socks, slippers, and eyeshades. I love that they give you socks. They didn’t hand out their full amenity kit, though. I’m not sure if it was because this was a continuing trip or because it was a short flight.


Brunch started a little late due to turbulence but they were quick to get food out. I went to the bathroom after brunch and by the time I got back to the seat they already had the bed made up for me. I really can’t say enough about the staff on this flight. I’ll give service a 9.5.


I really enjoyed the flight and wish I could have spent more time in the suite. I’m really torn on whether I like it better than the new 777 layout. It’s a tough call but you certainly can’t go wrong with either. Singapore does such a great job at all facets of their operation. The service was great, food was decent on this flight but usually its spot on, and obviously the seat is one of the best in the sky. I find it to be a real treat to fly Singapore Airlines and I’m always excited when I have to chance to.


Also I got some great views of Hong Kong on the way in. I switched to a window seat for the landing so I could check out the city.


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