Singapore Airlines LAX-NRT-SIN 777-300er


I’m going to combine the two legs of the trip to SIN into one. It was the exact same plane and I slept for most of the second flight so I’ll just add in a few meals I had on that flight.

Also, there are not many things I get super excited for but this was one of them. I was like a kid on Christmas Day. I had read almost every review there is on Singapore Airlines’ first class experience and I was finally getting the chance to experience it for myself. 

Flight Information

Singapore Airlines 777-300er flight # 011. First class cabin. Flight time to NRT was 11 hours and 30 minutes, flight time to SIN was 7 hours and 25 minutes, leaving LAX at 9am on Thursday, and arriving in SIN at 10:40pm on Friday.



I was determined to fly Singapore Airlines before the end of the year. After searching for hours and working on this itinerary I finally found the perfect route which would also include a trip to HKG in suite class on Singapore’s A380. It would cost 123,250 KrisFlyer miles (Singapore Airlines miles) plus $281.45.


Singapore Airlines is a transfer partner of Citi, Amex, and Chase Bank so getting their miles isn’t a difficult thing to do. I had A nice stash of Citi ThankYou points so I transferred enough points to book the ticket. It took about 12 hours once I transferred from Citi for the miles to post in my Singapore account. As you can see from the picture, I waitlisted for the flight which cleared almost immediately. About 30 minutes before I waitlisted, it was actually available to book but once I refreshed the page it went to waitlist status. I suppose that’s why it cleared so fast.

This routing wasn’t available to book in cash so I’ll ballpark the cash value of the flight at $14,000. With that assumption, I earned just over 11 cents per Citi ThankYou point. Some miles/points bloggers value Citi Thankyou points at just 1.6 cents apiece so I got great value from my redemption.

Star Alliance First Class Lounge

After getting through security at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal I had about an hour to spare so I headed for the Star Alliance First Class Lounge. This is a fantastic lounge. I was the only person in there the whole time so I had free run of the place.




They offered a small buffet as well as several drink options, including bubbly, which I took full advantage of.









If the food on the buffet doesn’t do it for you they offer several other options off their menu. I ordered the lox flatbread.



I loved the lounge. The champagne offerings were good and the food was well done. It was a great spot to start my journey.

Gate Area/Boarding

My flight was leaving from Terminal B gate 156. There really isn’t much to say about it.


When they did call for boarding, First class was called at the same time as business class. Also, business class boarded through the first class cabin, which I’m not a fan of. Walking down the jet bridge I was so excited this was happening. I’d been looking forward to this for a long time. Once I got to the plane a gentleman was waiting at the doors to welcome me and to show me to my seat. His name was Caesar and he was a delight the entire flight. I don’t think there was a minute he didn’t have a smile on his face. One other thing I noticed was they were playing Christmas music through the speakers during boarding. I was in heaven. The one other complaint I have during boarding is they didn’t serve alcoholic drinks while on the ground. I guess they didn’t want to pay the taxes.


The first class cabin only has four open suite seats in a 1/2/1 configuration. The seat has 81 inches of pitch and is 35 inches wide. They are a little staggered giving you more privacy. I was seated in 1F.


The cabin was beautifully decorated. I loved the color scheme with the chocolate leather. The Christmas wreath was a nice touch.





There’s no overhead bin space so carry-ons go below your footrest under the TV.


On my right hand side of the seat was a small storage space just big enough to put your phone in. Inside the compartment were a few outlets.


The other outlets were up by the TV just above some storage for books.


On the left side of the seat were some controls for the seat and the hand-held remote for the entertainment system.




Up by the TV there’s a small vanity and a couple more storage compartments.



I loved the chair and the roomy open suite. Compared to Singapore’s old 777 where you had restricted recline it was nice being able to recline in any position.

The other three seats in first class were booked but I only saw them maybe once the whole time. It really felt like I had it all to myself.



For some reason I never made the seat into a bed. I slept in the recline position. I think the several bottles of bubbly had something to do with that. So, sorry, no pics of what it looks like in the bed position.

Amenity Kit/Pajamas 

Soon after boarding, Joyce, one of the lovely flight Attendants, came by to say hello and to give me my menu, amenity kit, Bose noise-canceling headphones, pajamas, slippers and socks. Talk about being a kid on Christmas.






Inside the amenity kit were Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries. Sadly I left mine on the plane.



Before takeoff Joyce ask if I’d like to change into the pajamas. I gladly accepted. She escorted me to the bathroom and waited for me so she could hang up my clothes. I actually still wear the pajamas. They are getting a bit worn so I think it’s time I fly Singapore again soon.



I was a bit surprised at how small the bathroom was. I guess I was expecting something a little bigger with all things considered. It was no bigger than most domestic airline bathrooms.




The soaps and lotions in the bathroom were also from Ferragamo.


Overall the bathroom was a little disappointing. It just reminded me of Delta’s lavatories.


The HD TV sits flush against the wall straight in front of the seat. It comes in at 24 inches which is big compared to most other airlines. My TV had to be reset a couple of times during the flight but it really wasn’t a big deal. The flight attendants were able to resolve the issue fairly quickly.


I think I recall them not having a huge movie selection. I only watched Home Alone and The Departed.




I spent the rest of the time playing around with the airshow maps.




The clarity of the screen was about as good as I’ve ever seen. I’d say its better than Cathay Pacific TV’s.

The wi-fi was decent. I didn’t take a speed test on the account of me focusing all my energy on bottles of Dom Perignon and Krug. One thing is for sure is: it wasn’t cheap.

I spent over $100 during the flight and I mostly just tweeted and used Snapchat. Each time I purchased a 50 MB package it would last about 15 minutes. One feature I did appreciate is you could keep track of how many MB’s you had left.


If someone paid $14,000 on a flight, internet should come free. But then again if I had enough money to spend that much on a flight I’d probably not worry about spending a hundred on wi-fi.

Food/Meal Service

This is the fun part. The food and drink were delicious. So delicious I had about every drink on board. Let’s just say I had such a good time I felt it for two days afterwards.

Singapore Airlines has a cool feature where you can “Book the Cook”. You can choose what you’ll be served as long as you request it at least 24 hours out. Maybe it was 48 hours. I could also have anything off the menu if I was still hungry at any point.


Here’s the huge menu.

In no particular order, because I can’t remember the order, here are the meals I had:

The caviar course.



Boston lobster thermidor



Crabmeat ee fu noodle soup



Rack of lamb with yogurt sauce


I’m not even for sure when I had this or what exactly it is. But it was good.



Here’s the pre-main salad and soup




I hadn’t given it much thought until now but, man, I had a ton to eat. I didn’t quite realize but I got after it.



The bread basket was solid. I’ve always heard their garlic bread is a must but I actually thought it was mediocre.



and of course the warm assorted nuts.



Now onto the drinks. For the first hour of the flight I was switching back and forth from Dom and Krug. I like them both but I prefer Krug. They did a good job early in the flight at keeping my glass full even though I was throwing them back like glasses of water.



At some point I moved onto something I was really excited about. Penfolds RWT is some really good stuff. If you ever see it I recommend you buy it and chug it immediately.


After a bottle of that I thought it was a good idea to try some other stuff. The Chateau Corton Grancey was very good but the Riesling was on the sweet side. There’s not much better than a dry German Riesling but a sweet Riesling is one of the worst wines in my opinion.



For dessert I had a glass of Johnny Walker Blue with one ice cube. I must have been drunk because I’d never, in my right mind, order Johnny Blue with ice. After that I think I went into a deep sleep.


Don’t shame me just yet, remember, all that was on two flights. I did have about a 30- minute break in between flights.

Overall, I thought the food was excellent and I wasn’t let down by the drink choices. I couldn’t have been more happy they were serving Penfolds RWT.


I’ll give service a 9.1. There were several times I had to get up and go to the galley for a refill but I can’t really blame them at the rate I was drinking. Also, when they served me the extra noodles I ordered as a snack they didn’t bother putting down a linen and resetting the table. Cathay Pacific always reset the table no matter how little a meal I ordered.


I had no less than a dozen hot towels during the flight. You can never have too many hot towels, I say.

I had a different crew on the second flight and about the only thing different I noticed service wise was the second crew didn’t bother putting coasters down when they gave me a drink. Shocking, I know.

At the end of each flight the entire first class crew came by to thank me and wish me well on my journey.  Overall both crews were friendly, engaging, and seemed happy to be taking care of me.  It was a treat to fly with such a great crew.


This was one of the most fun flights I’ve ever taken. 17 hours may sound like a long time to fly but when it’s filled with champagne, caviar, lobster, and great red wine it’s hard not to have a good time and over indulge. The staff was great, food was on point, and the seat was comfy. I’m a big fan of only four seats in the cabin because it really does feel like you’re the only one on the flight. I hope anyone who loves to travel gets a chance to fly Singapore Airlines first class at least once and hopefully, if you do, you’ll get a chance to see Mount Fuji from 30,000 feet.


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