Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme


Hotel Group: Hyatt Hotels

Hotel Category: Cat 7

Hotel Status: Globalist

Booking Type: Cash & Points

Room Type: Park Suite Twin


The hotel is located in the heart of Paris at 5 Rue de la Paix. It was chosen by the French government as one of only eight official palace hotels in France.


It has 153 rooms, including 43 suites. Of those suites they have nine different types. That’s the most I’ve ever seen at a hotel.


The location is within walking distance of the Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Champs-Élysées, Place Vendôme, and Palais Garnier, among many other top attractions. Rue de la Paix is famous in its own right for being a premier high-end shopping district.


There are a limited number of onsite parking spots available for hotel guests for €45 a day or you could use public parking at Indigo Vendôme for €40 a day.


They speak many different languages here so whatever you speak they probably have someone here to communicate with you.


I checked the internet connection a few times during the stay and it was about the same every time. It was nothing spectacular but it got the job done.


Check-in time is 3pm. Check-out time is 12pm


I booked this stay with cash + points for November 27-December 3rd. I ended up doing two different bookings so this is the reason you’ll see we stayed in two different rooms. With this Hyatt being a top-tier category 7, the rate is 15,000 Hyatt points + $300 a night. This being paid with euros, the cash portion was €279.40 per night.


I had enough points to pay for it all with points, which would have cost 30,000 points a night, but I’m a few nights short of reaching Diamond status with Hyatt again so I used cash + points instead. This is also the reason I’ve stayed at so many Hyatts of late. The great thing about cash + points stays is you still get stay credits for each night and earn points on those nights. Another great thing is you can add a Diamond suite upgrade to the stay, which I did here. So for €279.40 a night we stayed in a suite that would have cost us €2,028.80.


So with the suite upgrade we ended up getting around 11.65 cents apiece for each Hyatt point I spent. That’s not a bad redemption  value considering The Points Guy values them at 1.8 cents apiece.

I also collected 13,517 Hyatt Gold Passport points not including the 3 points per dollar gained by using my Hyatt credit card to pay for the stay.


We landed at CDG at 1:50pm. After going through customs we called an Uber and met him outside baggage claim. It’s 19 miles to the hotel, took approximately 40 minutes, and cost €45.


The bellhop took our bags the moment we reached the hotel and he escorted us to the reception desk, which is located toward the back of the lobby down the main hallway.



The receptionist welcomed us and thanked us for being Diamond members. After handing over our passports and credit card he did some typing for a few minutes, then informed us they didn’t have any Park Suite Kings available so he upgraded us to a Park Executive Suite. I’m not 100% sure what the difference is in the suites but the best thing you can hear when checking into a hotel is you’ve been upgraded. As a Diamond member you get a welcome gift of points or a food and beverage amenity. I always choose the food and drink at Park Hyatts but points at all other Hyatts. After ironing out all the other formalities he informed us the room wasn’t ready yet, even though it was about 4pm. So they escorted us to La Cheminée (one of their dining and lounge areas) to have some Champagne and snacks while we waited. Of course it was on the house. I’m about as big a fan of Champagne as one could be so anytime I get to drink good free champagne just point me in the right direction.


After only about ten minutes and one glass of bubbly he came back to show us to the room.

When he handed over the room keys there were also a few coupons. There was a third but I can’t remember what it was and not sure why I didn’t take a picture of it. We used two of them and you’ll definitely want to use the 50% cocktails at the bar because they’ll run you around €29.


The lobby is where all the restaurants are as well as the concierge desk by the entrance. There’s really not much to say about it so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


We stayed in two different Park Executive Suites. The first one was on the third floor, the other on the fourth floor. I’ll mainly go over the third floor suite and briefly mention the other.

I wasn’t in love with the decor walking down the hallway, as it felt a touch dated. Nonetheless I loved the room, especially how big it was. Upon entering we walked into the living room with a bathroom and vanity area to the right and in the next room, left of the living room, were the bedroom and another full bathroom.

The TV was on the wall above the desk. We didn’t turn the TV on the whole time but the channels didn’t look too appealing.

Waiting for us on the table was the Diamond amenity gift. We had a full bottle of red wine and some cheese.

The wine was nothing special; drinkable but I wouldn’t buy it. I looked it up and it runs about $12. Strangely, when we moved to our other room a few nights later they only gave us a half bottle of the wine and no cheese, just some bar nuts, and I had to call and ask for that hours after arriving to the room. They did, however, have mini macaroons waiting.


That’s pretty weak for a five-star place. I shouldn’t have to call and ask for my amenity gift.

By the entrance were the Nespresso machine and the mini bar.

The mini bar was full of alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages. I think you’d have to be desperate or crazy to pay the prices they were asking. I mean €13 for a can of Coke is the most absurd and downright dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s no way you could ever convince me it should cost that much and I can pretty much say that about all their mini bar prices. Park Hyatt should be ashamed. It almost makes me not want to stay with them. Rant over!

The bedroom was very spacious with a TV mounted on the wall and nightstands on each side.

The drapes and blackout shutter controls were next to the bed which was very convenient. Also there was a DVD player in the nightstand.

Overall I thought the bed was a little firm but still comfortable. I’m not sure what to think about the plush decorative pillows on top of the bed. I can imagine they probably don’t get washed often but I could be wrong.


I liked the view from the room looking down over the courtyard. It was especially pretty at night with the Christmas lights.

Here are just a few pictures of the room we stayed in on the fourth floor. I’d much rather stay in the one reviewed above than this one. The couch wasn’t as comfortable and this room was missing a few amenities the other room had.

One of the things I loved about the room is they gave us two free waters everyday. It’s surprising how many hotels don’t do this.



It was great having two bathrooms in the room. It makes getting ready much easier. The tub and shower were right beside each other along with a sink in the shower. I can’t really think of a good reason why there’s a sink in the shower. Some could say to shave but you don’t really need a sink for that. Anyway, we had four sinks in the room which I thought was hilarious.

The water pressure, or really just the massive amount of water that was coming out, almost made me feel guilty but I got over that really quickly and enjoyed the shower. It was one of the best I’ve been in.

The toiletries were Blaise Mautin. I thought they were great but Marianna wasn’t a fan. They were probably more of a masculine scent than a neutral scent. I was hoping for Le Labo soaps like other Park Hyatts but these were a good substitute.


The vanity area also worked as a closet with another sink and some bathroom amenities.

On the back wall was a heated towel rack. The second room we stayed in didn’t have one.

In the drawers were the laundry bag and menu.

In a separate room next to the shower is the royal throne. Some say all toilets are equal but, I beg your pardon, they are not. This one was top-notch. It had a heated seat and an electric bidet. I loved how I could control the strength of the stream and the angle. I could also go cold stream or hot stream. Unfortunately the other room we stay in didn’t have a bidet in one of the bathrooms and no heated seat to be found. More inconsistencies that I think could be avoided.


The spa is located on the bottom level, one floor below the reception area and restaurants.


The spa reception desk is located just to the left as soon as you enter. The receptionist gave us a tour of the spa the first time we went in to check it out. I wasn’t overly impressed, But the design was chic and clean. There’s a small seating area right beside the jacuzzi.


The two days I went in to use the ja-coldzi, I mean jacuzzi (as Marianna would say), it was undergoing maintenance and was ice cold so I couldn’t use it. I can’t fault the hotel for that, just bad timing. It looked great though. I wish I could have used it.



Instead I opted to use the sauna and steam room which are lined down the left hand wall. The steam room was appropriately hot and very clean. I didn’t take a picture because, as I’ve said before, cameras don’t work too well in a steam room. But I did take some of the sauna.



The sauna was very hot and I personally really like the screen that was in there. It didn’t show TV shows but more like designs floating around on the screen.

Between the steam and sauna rooms was a shower, where you could rinse off before getting into the jacuzzi, and some bottled water and towels.



The great thing about the spa being on the very bottom floor is you could come straight down in a robe from your room and not have to worry about getting dressed again before heading back to the room. The men’s locker room had a few lockers to store your things in while using the spa. Luckily, I was the only one in there because the locker room was quite small.



There are also dual sinks with plenty of amenities to help you get ready if you chose to.



Overall the spa was fine. I wouldn’t go out of my way to use it but it’s acceptable if spas are your thing.


The fitness room is open 24 hours and is located in the spa. It’s much smaller than I anticipated. It feels much a like an upscale residential fitness area with the rich, dark wood walls.




By the entrance are water and towels.


Overall the fitness area was well-appointed even for being so small and I really liked the feel to it. Do note, I might feel a little different if there were five or six other people trying to work out at the same time.


The Park Hyatt offers several dining options including Pur, a Michelin 1-star restaurant run by chef Jean François Rouquette, which I’ll go into detail about. Also, they offer Les Orchidées, La Terrasse, La Cheminée, Le Bar, and finally room service.

I’ll start with Pur. We had the concierge make us reservations for our second night. They offer an à al carte menu as well as two different prix fixe tasting menus. We chose the larger tasting menu.

I apologize that the picture quality isn’t very good. I was a little distracted from the wine and great food and the lighting wasn’t exactly perfect.

One of the highlights of dinner was when they brought around the cheese trolley. I chose only three cheeses. I should have done five but we live and we learn.


The service was as good as any Michelin-starred restaurant I’ve been to and the ambiance was on point. We really enjoyed our dinner here and would recommend it to anyone visiting.

Next up is Le Bar. We had drinks here on a few different occasions. It’s right across from Pur and is tucked away in the back corner. Every night it was very busy so I was unable to get many pictures. The bar area was nicely decorated for Christmas.


The menu had a few small bites and burgers as well as their cocktail list.

The few cocktails we had off the list were okay. I had three different ones and never really loved any of them.



One thing I did love is they have a cigar menu with some really nice stogies. The humidor is right at the entrance of the bar.


Overall the bar area is a cool spot to post up but personally I’d order some classic cocktails over their house cocktails.

Next up is La Cheminée. This is where you can come for afternoon tea and light meals and snacks. They also serve drinks here. This is where we had Champagne while waiting on our room. We never came back in here during our trip but it was certainly a cozy spot to spend an afternoon sitting beside the fireplace.

Next up is La Terrasse. It’s located in the hotel’s courtyard. We had a great view of the courtyard from our room during our stay.

dsc01819A great thing about the courtyard is they had heaters beside all the tables so even with it being in the low 30’s it was still nice sitting outside. They also had a canopy roof they used on a few occasions.


I came in here one afternoon for a tea and to do some writing. I picked a table right beside the entrance but there really wasn’t a bad seat.




This was one of my favorite places in the entire hotel.

Next is Les Orchidées. I never visited here but walked by it a few times as it’s right across the hall from La Cheminée. They serve breakfast here, buffet or à la carte, as well as lunch and dinner.




Lastly, the room service. As a Diamond member, Park Hyatts let you order room service instead of going down to the restaurant which is a huge bonus. I consider it one of the major benefits that makes being loyal to Hyatt worth it.  We took advantage of this everyday and breakfast was delicious.


My favorite was probably the eggs Benedict with black truffles.

The only things we ordered other than breakfast were some fries and a cheese plate one evening. The fries were a letdown but the cheese was good.


When we moved to the second room the menu wasn’t complete so I called and had another sent up. She assured me it was when she handed it over and when I went to check it out it was clearly not. I was surprised at how they could get it wrong at such a high end place. It was just another inconsistency that this hotel showed during this stay.

Here are some menu pics. I didn’t upload all of them because there were just too many.

Overall as you can see there are plenty of good dining options here if you choose to not leave the hotel.


I’ll give service a 8.9/10. The concierges were the best I’ve encountered. They were friendly and helped us make dinner reservations almost every night. Most of the associates were polite and helpful. The only ones that weren’t very friendly or approachable were the bellhops. They didn’t welcome us back every time or really speak to us at all. Also, before we arrived they sent an email asking if there was anything they could do to make the stay better, so I replied and asked for ice to be in the room when we arrived. They said they would take care of it. We never got the ice. Obviously not a big deal but when paying thousands of dollars a night in a 5-star hotel, I feel small things like that shouldn’t be forgotten. Overall, I was pleased with the service.


We really enjoyed our stay here and would recommend it to anyone. I was a little disappointed each room didn’t have the same amenities but now I know what to expect when coming here. They also could do a better job at being more consistent. With that said, the food during the stay was great, the service was good (not great, just good) and the location really can’t be beat. This wasn’t my favorite Park Hyatt but that shouldn’t take away anything from the hotel. I just so happen to like Park Hyatt Vienna and New York a little better, mainly because I think the spas are better and they both have top-notch pools. But I’m certainly looking forward to staying here again.


There are just a few places I’d like to mention if you ever find yourself in Paris. Have dinner at Le Baratin. If you like tripe, foie gras, and sweetbreads, this place is a must. They were some of the best I’ve ever had.

Also the Park Hyatt is just a five-minute walk to the Palais Garnier. You can freely walk around in it for like €10 and it’s one of the most beautiful opera houses I’ve been in. It takes about 20 minutes to see it all and is well worth it.

Finally, go to the Hemingway Bar in the Ritz. It’s a three-minute walk from the Park Hyatt. Some call it a ladies bar. I’m not sure why but they give all the ladies a rose in their drinks. The bartenders are among the best I’ve ever had. Their stories were as good as their drinks. I wish I could come here every night. Just be prepared to pay a premium for cocktails.

I normally just stick to the property I’m reviewing but these places were too good not to mention. I hope you all get a chance to try them. Cheers.


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