Delta One CDG-JFK A330-300


Flight Information

Delta One A330-300 flight number 405 with a flight time of 7 hours and 25 minutes, leaving CDG at 10:35am arriving at JFK at 1:18pm. Yeah the math doesn’t add up. I only know what I’m told.


This flight rounds out our round-trip ticket to Paris. I already discussed the booking in the first leg of the trip here. But in case you didn’t read the first one here’s a brief summary. We booked a round-trip ticket from MSY to CDG all in first class for 107,000 SkyMiles and $133 apiece. If paid in cash the flight would have been $15,406, yielding a value of 14.2 cents per SkyMile. If only we could always get that kinda of value from SkyMiles.

Gate Area/Boarding

We arrived at CDG two hours before the flight. I would recommend at least two and a half hours because we almost missed the flight. If we weren’t in the priority line going through security we would have missed it for sure. By the time we arrived at gate M24 the area was pretty empty.



The business class seats are in a 1 x 2 x 1 configuration and are in a reverse herringbone layout which is much more comfortable and offers more privacy than the staggered seats we were in on the previous Delta 767. The seats are 21 inches wide with 80 inches of pitch.

Here’s a more detailed picture of the difference between Delta’s A330 and 767 business class seats.

For no particular reason we chose the middle seats of aisle 6.


Upon arriving to the seat the Westin Heavenly Bedding was waiting along with the Tumi amenity kit, headphones, eyeshades, water, and the Delta One menu.

Again, there’s not much storage space around the seat so everything needs to go in the overhead bins.

As you can seethe tray tables come out from the armrest to the inside of you.


I think these tray tables are bigger than the ones on their 767 layouts.

The Tumi amenity kit is the exact same as the previous flight: socks, lip balm, pen, tissues, earplugs, tooth paste and tooth brush, and some mouthwash.


Also the headphones are the exact same as our last flight. Luckily for me, mine weren’t broken this time so I was able to use them.


The power outlet, headphone jack, and reading light are on the inside part of the armrest.


You have much more flexibility to the seat controls than on the 767. The controls are eye level with you beside the TV remote. As you can see, it’s the exact same remote that’s used on their other aircraft.

Each seat has two air vents above. Delta always does a good job at keeping the cabin a little cooler. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being hot on a plane.

img_0608I only slept maybe two hours on this flight but if it were a red eye I think I would have slept much better on this aircraft compared to their 767 layout. I had much more room for my feet and with two more inches of pitch it really makes a difference.


The TV was a huge upgrade. Coming in at 15.4 inches and having a much better resolution it made for a much more enjoyable experience.


The entertainment selection was better than our last flight. They had 62 pages of TV shows and 91 pages of movies.

I ended up watching three movies this flight. I watched The Finest Hour which I liked very much and is based on a true story, Casablanca (one of the greatest movies ever made), and then for some stupid reason I watched the new Independence Day. What a terrible decision that was and I actually made myself watch the whole thing. I have no idea what I was thinking.

About halfway through the flight I did log on to the internet for a bit just to see how good it was. I was able to load twitter and send some texts but I wouldn’t call it fast by any means.


I’m not a fan of Gogo internet service. For the most part I find their service is dreadful at best and the price doesn’t match the quality of their internet. Sure I’m happy I can even get on the internet 30,000 ft in the air going 500 mph but come on have a quality product. $26.95 for an all day pass on a mobile device is wayyyy over priced.

Overall I was pleased with the entertainment of this flight. The TV was good and movie selection was solid. Only thing I wish is that Delta would bring back The Godfather. I don’t think I’m asking too much. 😉

Food/Meal Service

As soon as we boarded and got to our seats we were offered some Champagne and orange juice. The orange juice was probably the worst orange juice I have ever tasted. Just downright awful. Marianna said it tasted like old SunnyD. Stuff is terrible. Sadly, we boarded a little late so there wasn’t any time for a refill on the Champagne. After takeoff it was about 35 minutes before we were offered another drink and of course I had some more Champagne.


The Deutz Champagne they were offering really wasn’t bad at all. It looks like it retails for about $50 and received some decent ratings. I had at least a bottle on the trip, maybe more. The flight attendant joked with me at the end of the flight, calling the flight the Champagne shuttle.

I was happy to see that on this flight they were offering Delta One’s winter menu instead of the fall menu we had on the way to Paris.

Beverage menu and wine list.

We first started with some sweet and spicy pecans. As you can see they are package nuts.


After that but before they started serving the meal, they brought out a hot towel to finish up with.


Then for the “Settling In” proportion we were offered a Seven Pepper Cold Smoked Tuna with marinated Mediterranean vegetables, balsamic reduction, and fresh tender pea shoots. I happened to like it very much but Marianna didn’t love it.


After that, we were served the starters, which were Mache lettuce with pickled butternut pumpkin, caramelized nuts, and sweet potato vinaigrette alongside red lentil soup. A+ on flavor.


For the main course Marianna and I both chose the braised beef pot-au-feu with stewed leeks, potatoes, and buttered carrots, which was fantastic. Per usual with Delta, the presentation was lacking but the overall taste was really good.


Also with the main course I had a glass of Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet and Shiraz blend. It was really good and received some high ratings. It retails for about $60.

For dessert they brought around the dessert cart.


We skipped out on the gingerbread and butter pudding and cheese course and went straight for the vanilla ice cream sundae.


With about an hour left in the flight we were offered a choice of either the beef short rib panini with caramelized onions or a lobster and shrimp salad.

I chose the panini.


Marianna had the salad.


Both were good. I was actually a little surprised I liked the panini. They did a great job with it.

Overall the food was really good. There wasn’t really anything we had that I thought was bad besides the orange juice. Still, Delta needs to get the presentation part down.


This was one of the better flight crews I’ve had in first class for a domestic airline. Fleurette was the main flight attendant taking care of me and she was fantastic. They brought out two hot towels before the meals and my Champagne glass was never empty. For a domestic airline I’d give them 9.4/10 for service.


This was as easy of a 7-hour flight anyone could have besides the two hours I made myself watch Independence Day. We arrived on time and everything was flawless. I was much more comfortable in this A330 compared to their 767 we took a week earlier. After the flight Fleurette asked the captain if I could sit in the cockpit which was pretty cool and it was my first time doing so. So after it was all said and done I was very happy to have spent 107,000 SkyMiles on this trip.


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