Delta One ATL-CDG 767-400


Flight Information

Delta One flight number 84 with a flight time of 8 hours 18 minutes departing from ATL at 11:30pm arriving in CDG at 1:50pm.


A few months back Delta ran a sell on flights to Europe using SkyMiles. In general, I think Delta over values their miles and normally I would never use SkyMiles for a regular priced ticket but when Delta runs promotions and sales there is great value to be had. In this case, Marianna and I booked MSY-ATL-CDG-JFK-MSY all in first class for 107k SkyMiles and $133.


I looked at the cash price of the exact same ticket about 2 weeks out and it was a SHOCKING $15,406.


Let me be the first to say, I would never spend that much on a flight but there are some airlines that I can almost justify spending that much on. Etihad Airways and Singapore Airlines come to mind. Nonetheless, we got a whopping 14.2 cents per SkyMile. That’s as high as I’ve ever seen. The PointsGuy values Delta miles at 1.2 cents a piece so we did extremely well on this redemption.


On this Delta 767-400 their business class seats are configured in a 1 x 2 x 1 with 21 inches of width and 78 inches of pitch.


I normally would always choose a window seat but since Marianna was along for the ride we choose to sit together in the middle row. Just FYI, When choosing a window seat in this type of Business class always get the odd-numbered rows because they are flush against the window compared to the even rows that are closer to the aisle.


We choose aisle 4. I wanted to be more in the front of business class because I figured it would be a little more quiet since there’s no bathroom in the front of the plane.


The seats are in a staggered formation so it doesn’t offer much privacy. I much prefer a reverse herringbone configuration or a suite (obviously) like JetBlue offers.


All business class seats come with the standard Westin Heavenly blanket and pillow along with a Tumi amenity kit, Delta headphones and one water.

The Tumi amenity kit hasn’t changed much since my first Delta One trip several years ago. A pair of socks, eyeshadow, tissues, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouth wash, lip balm and a pen.

The headphones are pretty basic. You’d think if someone spent over $15,000 on a flight you’d expect to get noise canceling but they are not.

Each seat comes with a reading light and an outlet for electronics. Marianna’s electrical outlet didn’t work for the first 30 minutes of the flight but when they got around to resetting it for us it came back on.


The controls for the seat is located at the end of the armrest. As you can see it has a button for a massage feature but don’t expect much from it. I could barely feel it.


There’s little to no storage space around the seat so everything has to go up in the overhead bin.

Overall the seat felt a little cramped when laying fully flat, there’s just not much room to move your feet around. Luckily, I was still able to get four and a half hours of sleep. 4 glasses of Champagne helped with that.

Food/Meal Service

Upon arriving to our seat we were offered a glass Champagne and some orange juice but no refills. 25 minutes after takeoff we were offered another drink.

This being a redeye flight the flight attendants were really good about taking food orders and getting meal service started quickly. We were offered Delta One’s fall menu.

Beverage and wine menu.

I started off with another glass of Duetz Brut Champagne and some spiced Georgia pecans.


After that, the first food course was a Spotted Trotter Coppa (cured pork with mustard seed and fingerling potatoes) and a Bulgur Wheat Salad.


I had for the main course Linton’s in the Garden Potage of Shrimp and Grits with Benton’s bacon and she crab cream.


Marianna had the Red Wine Beef short ribs with Spoonbread purée, roasted maitake mushrooms and roasted baby carrots.


The presentation was lacking on both dishes and I find that to be the case most of the time on Delta but the shrimp and grits were fantastic. I was really surprised at how good it was and really everything I had on this flight was great.

During meal service they push the drink cart around several times making sure we had enough wine and drinks.


After dinner they brought around the dessert cart which has all the desserts on it as well as the dessert wine.

Marianna and I split the Ice cream sundae with everything on it, the Double Chocolate Ganache Cake plus some assorted cheeses. All for documenting purposes. 😉

After a few more Champagne glasses I was sound asleep.


About an hour before we landed they brought out their “Almost There” offerings. I had the Omelet consisting of regional goat cheese, broccoli and mushrooms. On the side was some Heywood’s Provision pork breakfast sausage, rosemary roasted potatoes and a petite croissant. Sorry for the poor picture quality the cabin was still a little dark.



The TV on this flight is small. Pretty much what you’d see in an old Delta first class domestic seat. I wouldn’t call it the best HD screen I’ve ever seen that’s for sure. Also to note, along with Marianna’s power outlet not working the first 30 minute her TV wasn’t working either. Fortunately the flight crew was able to get it working after a few attempts.

The TV is touch screen or you could also use the hand-held remote that’s tucked away in the armrest.


The movie options were ok at best. I choose to watch WarDogs.  I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s actually a pretty good film. Kinda surprised it’s based on a true story.


After I woke up I watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory with breakfast.


Other than watching movies I like to watch the flight tracker and check out the flight data.


The TV and entertainment is about as basic as it gets for a delta flight, recently not memorable but it gets the job done.


This is the exact same bathroom you get on any Delta domestic flight. Very small and cramp. I’m 6ft tall and it’s very tight.

Delta uses Malin+Goetz soaps and lotions on all their flights and lounges. They are actually quite nice.


I give service 8.5/10. Tina was the stewardess that I dealt with the most and she was lovely. The meal service started fast and drinks were always refilled quickly. You could actually tell the flight attendants were hustling making sure everyone had what they wanted. In my experience Delta has the best domestic flight crews in the US.


Besides my headphones not working the flight was an overall success. The food was good, service was great and we arrived on time. For 107k SkyMiles I have no complaints but to ask $15,000+  I’d at least expect Delta to be using their new A330 aircraft (which I’ll be posting my review on soon) on this leg of the trip. In no way is this trip worth that much money, Absolutely not. I really hope someone didn’t pay that, Good grief.


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  1. Well that’s a product I doubt I will ever use! 😉

    Also — how were those “mistake mushrooms”?

    Another fine review!

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