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It’s with pleasure I get to welcome my pro Will Wilcox as my first guest on Travel Talk. Will just finished up his third season on the PGA Tour which was cut short due to a wrist injury. You might know Will from his hole-in-one at the Players Championship or his intense battle with Willy Mac at the battle of two Will’s. He is also the only golfer to ever get a shoutout by the one and only Champagnepapi aka Drake.


Today we are leaving the golf talk out and focusing on how Will travels. So let’s get started.

What is your preferred airline and what is your status with them?

Delta, all day. Gold, I think. I just got the Delta credit card 2 years ago. My first few years traveling I wasn’t as smart with rewards and points earning the way I am now. Trying to get on your level.

What is your best first class flight experience?

The first class deals in Asia are the best. When you’re handed a menu and told you can order as much as you want, that’s pretty cool. Domestic flights are nothing compared to overseas. Korean Air was the bomb.

What is something you can’t travel without?

Floss and my speaker they gave us last year at the AT&T Byron Nelson.

What is your favorite in-flight beverage?

Depending on the day and situation, Heineken on Sunday after an event. Ginger ale any other day.

Window or Aisle?


What is your preferred hotel brand?

IHG because the tour gives us all those points. But when I’m traveling not on tour, I like Starwood because Westins are in some awesome places. St John, namely.

What’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in?

Waldorf Astoria in NYC. First off, they filmed some of Coming to America there with Eddie Murphy and, secondly, because it was the best Sunday brunch of my life.

What’s your preferred hotel view, city view or water view?

City view. Water views are nice some places but those aren’t as interesting to stare at.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Caribbean in the summer when it’s calm. Having an entire resort to yourself is pretty solid.

What’s your dream vacation?

The Maldives. The pictures look amazing. I’m just waiting for the right time to go.

Lastly, Do you have a travel tip to share?

Leave all important items, ID’s, passport, headphones, travel documents, etc in the same place in your backpack. Only get them out to show officials. Consistency is key.

I want to thank Will for being my first guest on Travel Talk. You can follow Will on Facebook or Twitter and also by visiting his website. In the coming weeks, I’ll be bringing more Q&A’s to the site from some interesting people so stay tuned.


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  1. Great tips on the documents for a travel novice. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Good travel tip at the end. Nic work Kevin!

  3. Great read with Will! X

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