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This was the first stab at hotel reviews so It will be lacking some content but I hope you enjoy it anyways.


I booked a King Superior room for March 9th-12th using the Hilton mobile app. The cost was 95,000 Hhonors points per night for a total of 285,000 points. I have diamond status with Hilton so I was able to get upgraded to room 3, which has a canal view and I received premium Internet (which was fantastic).


I checked the internet speed on several different occasions and it was about the same every time.


Upon arriving to the hotel, the doorman came over to the taxi and greeted me and helped with my baggage. He did mention me by name which was nice. Not sure if he saw it on my bag tag or just knew it might be me. After he pulled my bag out of the back I never saw it again until I entered my room.


I was escorted to the receptionist desk which is in a small room just right of the front entrance. There are two desks with chairs. It was nice to be able to sit down during this, as I only got about an hour of sleep on a red-eye from The United States. Another associate brought me a hot towel and offered a glass of water while I checked in. The receptionist did recognize my diamond status and went through the normal check-in procedure. After signing a few things she escorted me to my room, came in to explain a few features of the room and went over the map of the city. Within about 10 seconds of her leaving, the bell hop was at the door with my bag. He offered to set the luggage rack up for me but I insisted it wasn’t necessary.


I enjoyed the check-in process as it felt very personal. The glass of water and hot towel were a nice touch and I always appreciate getting escorted to my room.



The room was gorgeous with high ceilings and soft colors throughout. It felt very spacious as soon as I walked In. They have a DND button and a service room button by the door. I’m a big fan of this cause you never have to worry about being bothered with an unexpected knock on the door.

With that said, the doors were very thick and anytime someone did come to the door (room service) they actually called me when they arrived. They provided two waters a day (REALLY enjoy that). I’m not sure if that’s because I was diamond or if it’s a regular perk. The TV channels were pretty rough for most Americans I would assume. I did see the Golden State Warriors play one night and they had a golf channel so I was able to catch some play from the PGA Tour. But other than that it was mostly news channels from other regions of the world (Russia, Dubai, etc). I hardly watch TV so this was not a problem for me. There was a Nespresso machine in the cabinet with the minibar. €8 Heinekens is all I recall about the minibar.

The blackout drapes were 98% effective. A small bit of light came through one of the curtains but that could have come from me messing with them the first day.

My room (room 3) had ok views of the canal and buildings on the other side but that’s only because I was on the first floor. If I were higher up the view would have been better. The noise on the street did not bother me at night. The hotel is in a great location and there’s not much going on at night around the hotel.


The bed was on the firm side. It did have a slight cushion to it but a little firm for me. If you’ve ever stayed at the Renaissance in Tampa, Florida that’s my favorite bed I’ve ever had in a hotel. Super soft.

They also had a PILLOW MENU in the night stand. Don’t we all deserve pillow menus? Well I think so and I was excited to see they had one. I did not request any extra pillows because I was more than happy with the ones provided.

I had turn down service one night. They closed the drapes, pulled the comforter back, left water and a glass beside the bed, placed a Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Mitt on the night stand and a put a linen on the floor with the house slippers.

Overall I thought the room was great. The tall ceilings and the two windows really give it a spacious feel. The couch was comfortable and the turn down service was a nice surprise. I had forgotten about it when coming back to the room the first night. It made the room feel very welcoming.


A hotel bathroom is more important to me than the actual room. If they drop the ball on the bathroom I don’t care how nice the room is, I’ll be ready to leave after about a day. This one did not disappoint. I could say this came close to setting the bar but it lacked two things. One was a bidet. I just love them but I’m not sure how common those are in Europe so I’ll give them a pass on this one. The other I’ll get to in a minute. I want to start off with the good. HEATED FLOOR. pillow menus and heated floors. That’s what WA Amsterdam does! Seriously though, I truly believe heated tile in the bathroom is way underrated. This was my first hotel with heated floors and what a game changer it was. I don’t own a house yet, but my first thought was I need this in my house. The bathroom also has a heated towel rack. Didn’t even know it until the last morning. That’s one way you can tell you are at a great hotel when after days of staying there: you’re still finding cool new things about the room.


The sink’s hot water took about 5 seconds to get hot. The shower was large probably 4ft by 6ft. Just right of the shower a small hallway that lead to the toilette. I think this space made the bathroom feel much bigger than what it actually was. Two people could easily move around in there if needed to.


They had two robes behind the door but for some reason I didn’t use them. I usually go straight to the robe but I didn’t this time. They looked good though. There were also slippers but they didn’t fit well (I have a wide foot).


The soaps were from Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian luxury goods company. I was very pleased with them. The face soap and shampoo were great. A good thick lather. The one thing that could have been better were the towels. They weren’t bad but they weren’t great either. I just stayed at the Andaz Wall Street and those towels were like 6ft long and thick. That’s my kinda towel. These were average towels that you’d probably have at your house. They did come warm though.



They have a Michelin two-star restaurant here but I did not go. I instead ate at The Vault bar and The Peacock Alley.


The hallway leading to the Vault bar was like a museum. It had pillars and podiums along the wall with pieces of art on top of them. I was quite impressed. I didn’t pay too much attention to what the art was but it certainly put me in a good mood heading into the bar.


I didn’t take any pictures of the Vault bar. It was half full and I didn’t want to bother anyone. The bartender seemed to be waiting on everyone in there, about 12 people, and seemed busy but I was attended to very quickly. I ordered a Sazerac and a Caesar salad with Smoked Salmon. The Sazerac was ok. I have high standards on my drinks as I’m a big Bourbon cocktail fan and have them quite often.

The Caesar salad was one of the best I’ve ever had. Good enough I ordered it for room service the next night. The eggs on the Caesar were absolutely perfect. It was around €18. You could easily have it as a meal and be satisfied.


This is a sitting area for afternoon tea or coffee. It’s a beautiful space adjacent to the front entrance and goes with the same scheme of colors as the rest of the hotel. I had black coffee (€5) and sweets here one afternoon. Highly recommend. They do full Tea Service which I will do next time I’m there for around €50. Reservations recommended.


My last night I ended up just ordering dinner there. An Iberico ham sandwich with arugula and some kind of sweet sauce (€16ish). You can serve me Iberico ham anyway you want and I’m going to be a big fan. I was the only one in the place at the time which I was happy about. It’s right beside the main lobby and elevators so it’s a good people watching spot.


Gym was solid. Free weights, cardio Machines and tons of space.

I did visit the pool just to get a look at it. It’s a little confusing trying to find your way down to it but thats because of the layout of the hotel. I thought it was a little small but I doubt it gets much action.


The Garden is just out the doors of the pool or Vault Bar. It’s one of the biggest gardens in Amsterdam.




The hotel staff was as good as I’ve ever had. I always compare hotel staff to the Park Hyatt Tokyo and The Langham Chicago. Those two places blow it out of the water as far as I’m concerned and this place was just as good. There were plenty of people always around to answer questions, open doors or take care of any request you have. Every time I left or came back to the hotel the doorman always greeted me.

When I returned to the room my last night, they had placed some delicious chocolates and a typed note on the desk. It did address me by name, so even if it’s just a mass-produced note its nice to have your name on it. I really can’t say enough about the staff.


This is truly one of the great hotel stays I’ve ever had. I would have no problem spending $400 plus a night or 95k Hhonors points to stay again. It’s beautiful, inside and out. It has to be one of the best Waldorf Astoria properties in the world. The hallways always smelled of fresh flowers and I actually enjoyed just walking around the hotel.

The prices in the restaurants were decent. I expected them to be higher. The neighborhood is in a perfect location. Close to a few parks and a lot of the sights but just far enough where there’s not much going on around the hotel at night.

It was one of the few properties where I just didn’t want to leave. I look forward to getting back there.

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