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This hotel is an SPG Category 2 hotel located at 4736 Best Road. It’s a 1.4 mile drive to and from the ATL airport. They do offer a free Shuttle to and from the airport.


If you drive your own car, self parking is $16/day, Valet is $21/day. Paying to self park your car at an airport hotel with their own dedicated parking lot is ridiculous in my eyes.


They offer three different food options; Martini’s, Cecilia’s Southern Table and Revive, which serves up light fare and coffees.



I landed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) around 4:20pm. We were delayed 30 minutes which caused me to miss my connection. The next flight out wasn’t leaving for another four hours so I decided to stay the night in Atlanta and leave the following day.

I really wanted to use the free anniversary night I received from my IHG credit card at the Intercontinental in Buckhead but they were sold out. I have a great story from the last time I stayed there, actually one of the coolest nights of my life but I’ll get into that when I write a review of the place.

While looking for hotels I saw two SPG hotels around the airport, a Sheraton and The Westin. Both of them were category 2 hotels costing only 4k SPG Starpoints. Westin was a little more expensive in dollars so I decided to stay there to maximize the value of my Starpoints.


The room rate with taxes came out to be $175. So I ended up getting 4.37 cents apiece for my points; that’s a solid return. Most point/mile experts say SPG points are worth roughly 2.4 cents a piece. So anytime you can get more you’ve done well.


The Westin runs an airport shuttle every 15 minutes that parks in zone 1 of passenger pickup.


I bet I’ve flown in and out of ATL hundreds of times but this was one of the only times I actually left the airport. So I really had no idea where zone 1 was when I left baggage claim. I first walked up and down the arrivals and departures doors outside in the sweltering Atlanta heat, three bags and all. It was miserable. All the doors were labeled S1-6. I walked all the way down to 1 then back up to 6. Then across the street to the other drop off area and back to 1 and up to 6 again. By this time I knew this wasn’t it. So I walked all the way down to the far side and saw a ground transportation sign. This had to be it! Finally after about 20 minutes walking around outside looking like I have no idea what I’m doing, I finally found the hotel shuttles. Needless to say I was happy to find Zone 1 and get in the AC of the hotel shuttle.


Hotel shuttle pick up is on the other side of the building close to door S6 in the domestic terminal, if you ever get lost. The ride took about 4 minutes to get to the hotel.


Check-in was a breeze. I handed over my ID and SPG Credit Card. She thanked me for having Gold status with SPG, which I have because I have the Amex Platinum charge card. I inquired about getting the junior suite they had available but she couldn’t do it and said she upgraded me to a deluxe room with a good view. She asked if I needed a late check-out and offered up to 4pm since I had Gold status. All in all, check-in lasted about four minutes. I can’t remember her name but she was very sweet and very likable.




The lobby is a huge, wide-open space with tall ceilings. Martini’s bar is located just left of receptionist desk.

There was plenty of seating for dining and even some lounge chairs in front of a large screen that had several different channels going at the same time.

There was a small store beside the reception desk that sold beverages and snacks


Revive was located behind the elevators in the lobby.



Deluxe rooms come in at 300 sq ft and are located on the 9th and 10th floors.

I’m guessing that’s where the better view comes into play. I wouldn’t say the view was nice but it was cool watching planes takeoff every few minutes.


Deluxe rooms come standard with a 32in TV mounted on the wall just above the drawers.

I had two chairs with a table close by the window but I didn’t sit in them. There was one free water sitting on the table, as well. I always appreciate when a hotel gives you a free water in the room. It’s such an easy thing and I feel it makes a big impact on the stay.

The work desk was spacious and had audio/video plug-ins in a compartment.

I have always been a big fan of Starwood beds. Whether they’re The Westin Heavenly beds or Sheraton beds, they do an awesome job with having great mattresses. I tend to think they are on the softer side. That’s probably why I like them so much.


There was a nightstand on each side of the bed. One side had 5 plug-ins, 5!. The other side had NONE. That made no sense to me.

The mini-fridge was in the drawers below the TV.


There was a Mr. Coffee machine on top of the drawers with Starbucks coffee.


When I arrived to the room the air temperature was set on 68 degrees and it felt like it as 75. I first turned it down to 66, hoping it would cool off. But by the time I was going to sleep the temperature was nowhere near 66 so I adjusted it down to 60. It took until about 3:00am for it to finally cool down. What a shame too. One thing that will ruin a hotel stay is having an uncomfortable room temp while you’re trying to sleep. Luckily I was able to get some good sleep once the temperature finally cooled down.

The safe was in the closet with a The Westin Heavenly robe. Am I the only one who uses hotel robes? I love them.


Internet in the room was decent at best. I had no problem loading webpages but streaming movies or videos wasn’t the fastest.


Room service menus


It was a standard issue bathroom. Hot water was almost immediate.

The shower was great. It had good pressure and the shower head was large.


The soaps were Westin Heavenly Spa bath products. Its been a while since I’ve stayed in a Westin and I was surprised at how much I liked the scent of this. They seemed like good, quality products. The shampoo was especially good with a thick lather.

The Westin Workout Fitness Studio


For an airport hotel, The Westin did a good job with their gym. They had several weight machines and free weights.

There were probably ten cardio machines and a large area to do yoga or whatever else you may do off to the side, close to where the towels and water were.

Something great The Westin does is offer to lend guests New Balance gear if you happen to need something to workout in. It’s really one of the best things The Westin does to stand apart from other hotel brands.


Pool/Hot Tub

I didn’t get in the pool but I did check it out. Most of the pool is indoors but does have a small piece that goes under some glass windows outside. The pool is supposed to be heated. I thought it was a little cold.

One of the biggest factors in determining how much I like a pool is how deep is it. I think a pool with a deep end of 5ft is boring. I don’t get much fun out of standing in chest high water. I was surprised to see this pool had a deep end of 8ft so I became a fan immediately.


The hot tub was a different story. It was sitting all by itself in a corner by the entrance to the gym. It did not look appealing. I think maybe just because it was so small, probably big enough to hold four people comfortably, and the wet floor sign was right beside it. I don’t know but I didn’t care for it.


I left out service on this one just because I didn’t speak to another associate the whole time after I had checked in but overall, I would have no problem recommending someone to stay here. I think spending 4,000 Starpoints for the night is a fantastic deal. The decor in the room felt like home and after it finally cooled off I was really able to enjoy it. Plus the gym and pool were great.



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  1. Great review and insight on the hotel. I’ll definitely look into this post again if I’m ever that way!

  2. Great stuff @caddietravels – I love the way you incorporate amazing images into the review x

  3. Rumor has it that if you die in the Southeast, you have to connect in ATL for your “final” destination.

    By any chance are you a moderator of the Trip Reports forum on FT?

    Good review — appreciate you include the room service menus. Wish more hotels had them online!

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