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Anytime you can use a free night at a $885-a-night property I’d say you’re coming out ahead and that’s exactly what we did. Our free night was obtained from the Hyatt Visa credit card sign up bonus; we stayed on June 20th. You get two free nights at any Hyatt property after spending $1000 in the first three months if you sign up for the card and haven’t received the bonus in the past 24 months. As long as there’s a standard room available you can book using the free night. You could also use 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points, which I’ve done here in the past.

We initially just booked a Park King but a day after booking we received an email to request an upgrade to a Park Studio Suite King for $150. I don’t think anyone should pass that up. So we booked it. Studio Suites range from 685-724 sq. ft. and have views of 57th street.


We took an UberBlack from JFK to the Park Hyatt. It was 11 miles, took 45 minutes and cost $83.



This is Hyatt’s flagship hotel. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan across the street from Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tea Room at 153 W 57th St, it has 210 gorgeously decorated rooms and 92 luxury suites. I truly love the chic design of the hotel, probably more than any other Park Hyatt I’ve stayed in. Once you get to the hallways its always very quiet like you’re in a well-appointed New York residential building.


The location of the hotel is ideal for me: a block away from Central Park and a couple blocks from premier shopping. There are plenty of good restaurants around and you can get about anywhere in Manhattan in 20 minutes as long as traffic isn’t bad.


The doormen who work the front entrance are the best I’ve ever encountered. They were awesome the first time I came here last December and they were just as good this time around. Immediately, getting out of the Uber, one of the doormen greeted us before we could even fully get out of the car. He asked if we were checking in and radioed to the reception desk to tell them we had arrived. He grabbed all our bags (six total) and walked us through the front entrance to the desk.

Entering the first floor lobby there’s a small reception desk to the right and the elevators to the left. We arrived about 11:15am so I wasn’t expecting them to have our room ready, which they didn’t. But the associate went over all the benefits of Marianna being a Platinum member and asked if we were celebrating anything (It was my birthday). He also gave us two free drink cards to enjoy at The Living Room which we chose instead of 500 Hyatt Gold Passport points. He got all the paper work done and cards swiped and said they would call us when the room was ready, which was fine by me because we were starving. We decided to go to Eataly for lunch and got a call around 2pm saying the room was ready.


The main desk and lobby are located on the 3rd floor along with the restaurant, called The Back Room, and the bar area named The Living Room.

There are always well-appointed restrooms for patrons of the restaurants just left of the elevators


Across from the reception desk is a sitting area with access to a computer and water. There are plenty of chairs and couches to relax on.

We picked up our keys at the desk and headed to the elevators across from the Concierge desk.


Coming in at around 700 sq. ft. the Park Studio King Suite was perfect: simple but elegant. There was plenty of space for two. It even felt private with the hallway to the door and the gorgeous wooded doors that sealed off the bathroom.

Upon entering the room you walk down a hallway that leads to a chest that houses the safe, shoe mitt, sewing kit, lint roller and some reading material. You turn left to face the mini-bar and closet to the right. The bathroom is on the left and the room finally opens up on the right to display the bed and small living area.

The bed was very comfortable. Being on the firm side, I was surprised at how much I liked it, given that I prefer softer mattresses.

Both sides of the bed had nightstands with plug-ins and controls for the drapes and sheers. Each side also had reading lights attached to the headboard.

There were three TV’s in the room: one in front of the bed, one in the mirror in the bathroom and one in the living area above the work desk. The only one I turned on all day was in the bathroom. I never turn a TV on unless there’s a game to watch so I’ll get better at checking channels for you guys for those that care what channels they offer. The TV in the bathroom had great sound.


Mini-Bar was stocked full. It had tons of candy, snacks, a Nespresso machine, a couple free waters, red wines, and nuts on the outside.

If you pulled out the refrigerator door at the bottom there was beer, white wine, juices, and two delightful half bottles of champagne.


We did open the Alfred Gratien Brut Champagne. It was my first time having this one if I remember correctly and it was superb.


The prices were high but everything is a little high in New York City, especially staying at a place like this. A good example of this is I called down to guest services to ask if they’d bring us two champagne flutes so we could drink the Alfred Gratien in appropriate glassware (I do appreciate drinking my alcohol in the right glassware, call me old-fashioned). Oddly enough, they didn’t have any in the mini-bar but had every other kind of glass. She said it would be a charge of $20 dollars. FOR TWO FLUTES! I can understand maybe a $5 or $10 service fee to bring them up but $20 is ridiculous. I’m already paying $75 for a bottle that cost $35 for the full bottle let alone a half bottle. As you can imagine I said no thanks. They should really put Champagne flutes in the mini-bar. Who wants to pay $185 for a half bottle of Krug just to drink it out of a beer glass? Anyway, needless to say, we still managed to enjoy it out of a beer glass.


Sitting Area

The small living room had rounded windows overlooking 57th and housed the work desk with two chairs, a couch, an ottoman and a TV above the desk. Just under the TV there was a small drawer that had the phone and in-room iPad.

The iPad controls all ordering of food and drinks, music controls, all messages, weather, and so on.

I can’t say the views are great because you couldn’t really see down to the street with the way the windows were curved in but I did enjoy being able to look up and see the One57 building stretching up to the sky.



I loved the bathroom here at this hotel. The double sink was on the left and stand-alone tub on the right. I’ve read reports that it has heated floors but I don’t recall because I was walking around in slippers the whole time.

Both the toilette and shower were in their own separate space with a frosted glass door.


The walk-in shower had two heads: a hand-held and a rainfall head coming from the ceiling. It’s one of my favorite showers I’ve been in. Hot water was immediate and it had great pressure. It also had a fogless mirror inside.


The toiletries were from Le Labo. It’s their Tubereuse 40 line and they are incredible. I wish I could have taken a bunch home with me.


Also by both sinks were Tubereuse 40 bar soaps.


The fresh flowers on the sink were a nice touch and really added to the luxury feel of the bathroom.


In a small box under the sink they had several bathroom amenities if you happen to forget something.


The soaking tub was big enough for one person (a little tight for two) and took about 10 minutes to fill up. It came stocked with Le Labo bath salt.

Room Service

Unfortunately, Marianna has only Platinum status with Hyatt so we had to pay for breakfast but after a long night neither one of us wanted to go out so we ordered in.


She had an egg white omelette with lobster (I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of the dish) and a side of extra crispy bacon.


I had a lox and bagel dish with a side of maple sausage. Something to mention is the tomatoes on my dish where delightful, perfectly ripe like they came from the garden.


We added a fruit smoothie as well. The total was $107. It sure was a lot to spend on breakfast but it was delicious and arrived in a timely manner.

The Living Room (Restaurant & Bar)

We went down to the bar our first night to have a couple drinks before we went out to dinner at Le Bernardin.

The bartenders were very personable and great at making cocktails. We had four different drinks that were not on the menu.


We had a Manhattan, a tequila cocktail and two Champagne cocktails. Each drink was delicious and made with care. Two things I love are Bourbon (I’m from KY) and Champagne. They nailed the Manhattan and Champagne cocktails. We used the free drinks from our check-in on the first round. After talking to them, they found out it was my birthday and the bartender said the Champagne was on him (very generous of him). He also brought out a dessert that said “Happy Birthday.” I wish I would have gotten a picture of it because it was out-of–this-world good.  It was some kind of chocolate with caramelized bananas. All in all we had four drinks and dessert and they didn’t charge us a thing. We tipped $40 and were on our way. Always tip your service industry people accordingly.

Breakfast in the Living Room is 6:30am to 12:00pm. Lunch is 12:00pm to 2:30pm. Cocktails and afternoon snacks are 2:30pm to 5:00pm and from 5:30pm to 1:00am cocktails continue with light fare and bar snacks.

They also have a full restaurant called The Back Room at One57 that serves a contemporary twist on American fare. It was just on the other side of the entrance to The Living Room. We did not have the time to visit it this trip but I’d love to one day as the food menu looked great.

Pool/Steam Room

The indoor lap pool is beautiful with its chandeliers hanging above.

Located on the 25th floor, it had underwater speakers that play music from a soundtrack made by Carnegie Hall. To be honest I could barely hear the music. There was also a life guard on duty during pool hours.

Beside the pool was a hot tub that seats 12 and a steam room. The temperature in the hot tub was 100 degrees, which is quite cool for a hot tub. The steam room was probably the best and hottest one I’ve been in. Once I walked in I was blinded from all the steam. Marianna was already in it when I arrived and I couldn’t even see her.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better indoor pool in Manhattan than this place.

The pool is open from 6am to 9pm


Fitness Center 

The gym was located just above the pool but on the same 25th floor with some of the best views of Central Park in the whole hotel. You could also look down on the pool from some of the cardio machines. From the pool you can take a staircase that leads up to it.

They had Techno gym cardio equipment, strength training machines, free weights and medicine balls. I believe they also offered yoga sessions.

In the middle of the gym they had two drawers, one with chilled towels and one with chilled water.


They had gorgeous men’s and women’s locker rooms that were laid out with tons of marble flooring. The design went right along with the rest of the hotel.

They had two different showers and several lockers.

They also have a machine to quick-dry your bathing suit.


Fitness Center is open 24 hours.


It had a huge ceiling in the lobby area of the spa with floor-to-ceiling windows. They provided stunning views of the skyline.


They offered a plethora of different options from massages to facials. Prices were reasonable. A 60-minute couples massage was $235, if I’m not mistaken.

House Landry Service

Talk about expensive. Marianna needed some things washed before she went to Italy the next day and we really didn’t have the time to take it some place so she sent it down (about 15ish items) to be cleaned and the bill was $426. Do note that you are fully aware of the price if you add it up, because you fill out the laundry sheet beforehand and the prices are on there, but $8 for a pair of socks to be cleaned is HIGH! They did come nicely folded in a travel box. Ha!



We didn’t use the Concierge service because we had everything planned out but they offer restaurant reservations, use of the hotel house car and hotel bicycles. They were located just across from the elevators on the lobby floor.


I’d give service a 9/10. Every associate I met or came across was professional and polite. The bartenders the night we were in the Living Room were as good as I’ve ever had. The gentleman who brought us room service was quick to set up and leave. I would say the Park Hyatt Tokyo was a little better just because they always addressed you by name no matter who you were speaking to but honestly there was nothing to complain about when it came to service.

We had solid internet the whole time as well.



There’s nothing like arriving at a hotel and never wanting to leave. The decor and ambience of the place are top-notch. It’s hard to say if this is my favorite Park Hyatt but it’s certainly in the running (I have a soft spot for Park Hyatt Vienna). I would gladly spend 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points to stay here and, if I had the money, I’d spend $800 to stay here for sure.

The only thing I would change is put Champagne flutes in the mini-bar or stop charging $20 to bring them up.

This place deserves to be in the conversation about being the best hotel in New York City. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree but, being a Diamond member with them, they really do everything they can to make sure you feel at home.



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