JetBlue Mint Class BOS-SFO


Wednesday July 6, 8:14am Departure, Flight 133, Flight Time 6 hours

JetBlue has really upped their game in recent months and it looks like they’re serious about growing their airline into a contender for best domestic airline. I’m excited to see this as I’m getting tired of Delta and looking for a different and better option.


Why I chose this flight.

  1.  When I did a “status match” with JetBlue a few months ago, JetBlue matched my Delta Platinum status with their Mosaic status. I was running out of time to meet the requirements to keep JetBlue Mosaic status until the end of 2017. Basically, I had to accumulate 3750 base points to keep Mosaic status.
  2. I’ve been wanting to fly JetBlue’s new first class product, Mint. I’ve read great reviews on it and from what I have seen, it looked like the best way to take a transcontinental flight from New York or Boston to the West Coast.
  3. I recently signed up for the JetBlue Plus Credit Card. It does carry a $99 annual fee but with that I receive 30,000 JetBlue Bonus Points after spending $1000 in the first three months. I also get 6x points on JetBlue purchases, 2x at restaurants and grocery stores and 1x the points on everything else, in addition to getting 5000 bonus points annually after my account anniversary. Those are just some of the benefits you receive by holding the credit card.
  4. I did JetBlue’s “points match” a few weeks ago. I’m not going into full detail about the points match but basically if you had 50,001 Elevate points in your Virgin America account they would match you 75,000 JetBlue points. It’s easy to figure out that JetBlue wants you to fly with them, not with Virgin America. I had zero points in my Virgin America account but did have quite a few SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) StarPoints. So I transferred over 40,100 StarPoints to Virgin America. For every 20,000 StarPoints you transfer to an airline Starwood will give you 5,000 bonus points. So 40,100 turned into 50,100 and I was able to achieve the threshold for JetBlue points match.

Still following? Good! There is a reason for all the madness. I Promise.

I did add one extra flight (BOS-MSY) that helped finish off my status match but between that, my points match, status match, credit card sign up bonus and the extra points I was getting for having Mosaic status, I accumulated 147,578 JetBlue points! That’s a heck of a lot of points for 3 flights. According to The Points Guy who values JetBlue points at 1-1.4 cents per point, 147,578 points are worth approximately $2,066. That’s more than what I paid for all three flights I took.

Now, that’s a long intro but let’s get to the actual flight.



With my Mosaic status we were able to go through the Mosaic line to check-in.


Thank God because the place was a mad house. Boston Logan International Airport apparently does not mess around in the morning time. The Mosaic lane was right beside the handicap lane and there was almost a fight between two old ladies over who got the wheelchair. I’m serious. It was humorous but they weren’t messing around about that wheelchair.

After a quick check-in I proceeded to JetBlue’s More Speed Lane to go through security. The regular lanes were extremely long but I got right in; it probably saved me 40 minutes. Marianna has TSA Pre-Check so it didn’t take her long either.

Gate Area/Boarding

Terminal C Gate C9. There were several places close by to eat and grab a snack.


I thought the boarding area looked new (not sure if it was or not).


They announced about five minutes before boarding that we were going to be delayed about 20 minutes to finish up catering. I was ok with it because I was looking forward to trying whatever food they were putting on there in Mint class.

If boarding late bothers you wait until what they said on the next announcement. NO WIFI ON THIS FLIGHT! Are you kidding me? I’m spending the next 6 hours on this flight and I can’t get on the internet?! If you know me, you know how much time I spend on my phone, so the thought of going that long without Twitter or the internet was rough. Marianna found it a little funny. She’s always giving me a hard time about being on the phone. They usually have wi-fi so I’m not sure what the problem was.

When we finally got called to board. I was one of the first ones on since I was a Mosaic member. I was greeted at the entry of the plane by Jim, one of the flight attendants for Mint Class.

I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Mint class before but I was still excited when I walked on and saw it in person for the first time.


Seat 4 (Lie-flat Suite)


I was lucky enough to snag one of the even-numbered rows. Rows 2 and 4 are like a suite. There’s only one seat in the row and it has a door you can shut after take off. It only goes up about waist-high but when you’re lying down it really helps with sleeping well and makes it feel private. All other rows have two seats so if you have a window seat and need to get up, the person you’re sitting beside has to get up.


My seat was very spacious. I’m 6ft tall and had no problem being comfortable sitting up or in the fully reclined position.


I had two windows to look through. Marianna was behind me in row 5 and she had three windows.


There was plenty of storage space. I can remember five different storage compartments plus a large area to sit stuff on by the window.


I was able to adjust the firmness of the seat by the control panel that’s attached to the seat. I thought that was a very nice touch.


I could also hit the massage button but I wouldn’t consider what it does a massage.

Also there are a few different plug-in options in rows 2 and 4: two areas compared to only one in the odd-numbered rows.


When I arrived at the seat I had a welcome card with the in-flight crews names, a sleep mask, ear plugs and my blanket and pillow waiting. I wasn’t crazy about the blanket. I felt it was to short and a little too heavy for my liking. But then again if it’s not below 70 degrees, I’ll be hot so the blankets usually aren’t much use anyway. The pillow was heavy, in a good way, not some thin pillow you have to fold over three times to lay your head down on.


They offered a signature “RefreshMint” (Get it, RefreshMint? We are flying Mint, anyone, anyone? Ok, moving on) made with honey-infused limeade with mint, with or without Vodka. It was quite good. Even at 8:40am I didn’t mind having a cocktail.



As much as I loved the JetBlue experience in Mint class, their movie selection was downright bad. They only offered seven movies to choose from, none of which I was interested in. They also ran on a loop, so you couldn’t start it when you wanted. If you had Amazon Prime you could log into your account and watch movies but I don’t use AP and I’d have to make an account then cancel after 30 days to avoid the charge. That’s a huge hassle just to watch a movie but really that wasn’t even an option with the flight not offering wi-fi.


You could also listen to SirusXM radio on the TV but if I wanted to listen to music I’d listen to my own on my phone.


On the plus side, they do offer live DirecTV, so I was able to watch Roger Federer’s quarterfinals match at Wimbledon. I don’t watch TV besides sports so I was saved to have this on TV or else I would have been hurting. No wi-fi and no good movies. Jeez!


The TV display was 15 inches and had a clear picture. I’m not sure the reasoning behind not having a wider movie selection but they need to fix this soon.

There was also a hand-held remote if I wanted to use it.


Food/Meal Service

Before meal service, we were started with a hot towel.


Meal service started late. Or it sure felt late. It was an hour and fifteen minutes after takeoff before I got my second drink and two hours before I received the first portion of my meal. There could have been a couple of reasons why; maybe that’s just how they do it on JetBlue, maybe turbulence stopped them from making it sooner or maybe the crew was slow. I don’t know for sure but I’m going to go with turbulence. Once it did get going service was great.

Their menu was inspired by New York City’s Saxon+Parole restaurant. Between Marianna and I, we tried everything on the menu.


They started with a corn custard amuse-bouche. Delicious. I also had a couple of glasses of the Macari Rosé. It was decent.


Then, out of the five dishes offered, we got to pick three.

I had the zucchini & three-cheese feta frittata, French toast and spicy eggplant shakshuka.



Marianna also had the shakshuka as well as watermelon salad and red wine poached pears.


We both finished with seasonal fruit and organic sorbet.


I was surprised at how tasty everything was. Marianna and I both enjoyed everything we had. I especially was a fan of the shakshuka and the French toast.

After a full breakfast and a couple glasses of wine it was a perfect time to take a nap. I had no problems going to sleep. I always find it awesome to lie fully flat on an airplane and get some sleep. Total game changer.

I didn’t take a picture of this but Marianna got one of me on the way back a few nights later. I wasn’t in the suite this time around but you get the picture.


Amenity Kit

JetBlue and BirchBox teamed up to offer men’s and women’s amenity kits for Mint Class passengers. From the ones I’ve seen in other reviews, I think they are getting better at offering things you can actually use while in-flight. I got good use out of my bag and actually I’m still using a couple of things.


Men’s Amenity Kit


Women’s Amenity Kit

FullSizeRender (1)DSC00479DSC00480

If you happen to love whats in the bags you can sign up at BirchBox to get a shipment of different products and goodies for a small price. I’d be shocked if many people did this but if they do more power to ya.


About 45 minutes before the plane landed I woke up from my nap and wanted to freshen up a bit before we landed, so I asked Jim, the flight attendant, if I could have a toothbrush and toothpaste. They always have some on board, you just have to ask. I was able to brush my teeth and use the facial cleanser that was in my BirchBox to clean up a little bit in the bathroom.

There was really nothing special about the bathroom; it’s a pretty standard domestic airline bathroom.


Baggage Claim

Having Mosaic status includes having a priority tag on your bag so yours comes off first in baggage claim. Unfortunately, this was not the case in my instance. My bag took what seemed like forever to come off and it certainly wasn’t one of the first ones.


I’d give service a 9/10. From baggage drop to the gate agents and the flight attendants,  Margareth and Jim, everyone was top-notch. They were friendly and accommodating. Margareth and Jim never let my drinks get low and meal service was great, once it got started. You could tell that they took pride in the service they were providing and wanted to make sure the guests on board were taken care of. They felt genuine and that’s a hard thing to find these days.


I had a wonderful experience flying JetBlue’s Mint Class. I had some high expectations for this flight and all of them were met. I’ll give them a pass on the no wi-fi and hopefully I won’t encounter that problem again. If anyone is wanting to fly across the country from JFK or Boston I’d recommend JetBlue over the legacy airlines without a doubt. Their prices and service can’t be beat. If you can get lucky and snag a suite, you’ll be flying the best domestic seat in the sky.


We were left with this going away treat.


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  1. Thats why I love JetBlue!!! Mint is the way to go.

  2. Nice review, thank you! My first Mint flights are booked in September, also to complete a Mosaic challenge.

    Just an FYI but as a Mint pax, you get access to the Mosaic line — they are the same thing.

  3. Very detailed and informative review here. Well done. x

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