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Ever since I read “One Mile at a Time” review of the place I knew I had to go. Vienna has always been high on the list of European cities I wanted to visit so I made a stop over to spend two days there to try out the Park Hyatt and see how it stacks up against Tokyo and New York Park Hyatt’s.

I’m a Diamond member with the Hyatt Gold Passport program. I called the Hyatt line to book this stay as I intended to use a Suite upgrade for March 12-14th. One of the best perks about having Diamond status with Hyatt is you get 4 suite upgrades annually on paid stays. Can even use the upgrades on “points and cash” stays. This Hyatt is a category 6 property so points & cash came out to be 12500 Hyatt points and €127 a night. The Hyatt representative booked my stay with no problems and confirmed a Park Suite room.

This is an absolute steal. To stay in a Park Suite for €127 and 12500 points a night, I don’t think it can be beat. I believe the room was going for around €900 a night regular.


The night before I arrived I called the hotel concierge and ask for transportation from the airport. They offer three vehicle types Mercedes E-class (€65), Mercedes s-class (€110) and a Mercedes Viano (€85). I opted for the E-class.

After retrieving my bags and heading out of baggage claim there was a gentleman holding up a sign with my name on it. He was standing right in front of the exit door I came out of so he was easy to spot. He spoke very good English and offered to carry my luggage.

It was a 30 minute ride to the hotel. The driver was very polite and we spoke the whole way to the hotel. He pointed out various landmarks and buildings and explained Vienna a little.


The doorman greeted me (I can’t recall if he mentioned me by name) and quickly retrieved my bags from the trunk. He escorted me to the reception desk. I don’t think the receptionist knew who I was because she didn’t greet me by name. I would have liked it if she would have welcomed me by name as soon as I walked up. I don’t think it would have been hard to figure out who I was since they set up my transportation and knew exactly what time I was getting there. She pulled out a folder and I thought we were going to do the check in at the counter and a wave of disappointment fell over me as I was hoping to do the check in process in the room similar to the Park Hyatt Tokyo. She looked over the folder for a second then said ok, follow me. I laugh about it now but my disappointment was instantly relieved when I knew we were headed to the room to finish the check-in.

On the way to the room she explained where things were as we passed them and gave a little history of the building (it’s an old bank building). She asked what my plans were and I briefly mentioned going to the Treasury Museum.


When we arrived in the room we finished checking in and she went over the electric keypads attached to the wall that control the lighting, opening and closing of the shades/drapes and temperature.


She asked what I wanted for my Diamond Amenity. I chose the drink and food option over the points. I think that’s a no-brainer when staying at a Park Hyatt.


My bags arrived promptly after she left and the bellhop quickly set my baggage up in the walk in closet.


For me, its small things that can turn a regular hotel experience into a memorable one. I believe they missed the mark on not greeting me by name upon arrival but they totally redeemed themselves with the check-in process done in the room. The receptionist was also very sweet and was a pleasure to speak with.

Entrance & living room


Room 130 was more like an apartment. It was huge with high ceilings and big windows. Park suites range from 699 sq. ft. to 807 sq. ft. I would think mine was on the bigger side because the living room looked bigger than some pictures I’ve seen. I liked the color scheme of the room; a lot of darker wood used for the trim and doors. It felt very Austrian to me.


As soon as you open the door it feels luxurious. The foyer had a beautiful design on the marble floor. The large dark wood doors were great to make every room feel private.


The closet was on the left, bathroom on the right and straight ahead was the living room. To the right of the living room was the bedroom. In all, I counted 8 different mirrors in the suite.


The TV in the living room and bedroom were behind mirrors. I only turned the TV on once but it had a ton of channels, not much from the United States though (maybe one channel).


The work desk was great: plenty of plug-ins, good lighting, big surface to work on and it came with the standard Park Hyatt stationary.


On the coffee table in front of the couch was actual real fruit in a bowl. There were a couple of branches of grapes, a couple of pears, and a few apples. I had the grapes. They tasted fresh.


In between the windows was the mini bar. It was the same mini bar as the Park Hyatt New York if I’m not mistaken.



The bedroom was pretty basic but still beautiful.


The bed was on the firm side. They gave a few different options for pillows, one large and one smaller on each side.  As mentioned before, the TV was mounted in front of the bed behind a mirror.


They provided two waters each day beside the bed. One side was sparkling water the other was still water. The keypad for the drapes and lights was actually in the headboard of the bed, very convenient if you are laying down. My only complaint would be the temperature at night. The first night I slept with the door closed and woke up in the middle of the night very warm. It was definitely hotter than when I went to sleep. The second night I left it open and it stayed a bit cooler.


This was my favorite part of a room. This bathroom had it all: heated floors, a tub, one of the best showers I’ve ever had, TV in the mirror, double sinks and a separate room with a door to the toilette. I’ll say heated floors again just so you don’t forget. It’s one of the great luxuries in my opinion.


The soaps were from Blaise Mautin. The fragrance was nice. They smelled of citrus but heavy on the lemon. They came in 2.7 oz bottles and were not stingy about giving new ones. The room comes with two sets, one for the tub, one for the shower. I only stayed two nights and by the end I had 4 sets. I decided I should take a few home with me.


The TV had a great picture and the speakers were in the ceiling with fantastic volume. The shower was large and had a bench on the right hand side of it. It had dual heads, one rain fall head at the top and one hand-held head. If you had them both on at the same time you had a lot of water coming out at you. Great pressure as well. There was also a large no fog mirror behind the bench that would be great for shaving, etc.

The first day it took 90 seconds for the hot water to finally get hot. It seemed to gradually get a little quicker throughout my stay but I’d never say it was quick.

Overall the bathroom was outstanding. Between the heated floors, the beautiful marble behind the tub and TV in the mirror I’d say this is one of my favorite bathrooms ever in a hotel.


Spa & Pool

Taking a swim in the pool and visiting the spa area was one of the best decisions I could have made. There was a great locker room for changing clothes with showers and every amenity you would need to get ready. I was able to shower and get ready for dinner without going back up to my room.


The pool is gorgeous; Greek looking sculptures on the far side, gold colored tile on the bottom, underwater speakers playing classical music. I really felt like I was in a Roman palace. The pool is easily big enough to do laps as I was able to knock out a few. There’s limited seating around the pool but I suspect it never gets too crowded. I was the only one in the pool area the whole time.


The Spa was down a level from the pool. I didn’t do any treatments or massages but I did visit the sauna and steam bath room. It is co-ed and clothing is optional.

IMG_1687There were four guys and two women and all the men were naked and one of the women was. They all had towels but I’d say they were using them sparingly. I was quite surprised to see a woman naked hanging with the guys. In the States I don’t think you’d see this anywhere. I certainly didn’t mind.


The steam bath room is large. On one wall you have the sauna, ice shower, and steam bath room. The sauna would easily hold 5 people and it was hot. I barely stayed 15 minutes before I had to get out. The ice shower was great for cooling down before I headed into the steam bath. There the air was thick with steam and it was just as hot as the sauna. It would probably hold four people comfortably. Right next to the steam bath were three individual showers. Each was closed off and had a glass door. It came stocked with body wash, shampoo and conditioner. There was also a tile bench sitting area for cooling off or just resting.

I absolutely loved the pool and spa area. It was luxury all the way and everything worked great. The locker room was nice and made getting ready convenient without going back to the room.


The Bank Brasserie & Bar

The area they use for their dining area is the old cashier’s hall of the bank; huge ceilings, marble walls and beautiful lighting. On the right hand side is the bar area, dining room is in the middle and a show kitchen on the left. They also serve the breakfast buffet around the kitchen area.


I ate at the bar both nights I was there. The bartenders were phenomenal. I had the same ones both nights. They were experts in making drinks and hospitality. When they went over the menu with me they walked around to my side of the bar to speak to me. When I arrived there the second night one of the bartenders walked around the bar to greet me and checked my coat for me. I really can’t say enough about how professional the bartenders were. One in particular (Jakub) was the main one taking care of me and he was one of the best bartenders I’ve ever had. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with him.


The breakfast buffet is €35 and set up around the show kitchen. Being a Diamond member I received this for free. I thought this was the second best buffet I’ve had. First would be Langham Boston on a Sunday.


They had everything you could want: great bread choice, fruit, cold and hot vegetables, cold and hot meats and cheese, fish, cereal, great juice selection and sparkling wine. You’ve got to love free bubbly.


Everything I tried was fresh and high quality. I believe you could also order off the menu if you wanted something other than the buffet.

The Bank Brassiere & Bar is superb. Between the elegant decor, the great food and service I don’t see any reason to eat anywhere else.


The Cigar Lounge

I came here the first night after dinner. I was speaking with the bartender about it and told him I wanted to check it out. He said it would probably be busy (Saturday night) so he wanted to go check on a table. When he returned, he told me I had a table reserved for whenever I wanted to walk over.

The lounge is elegant. Exactly what you’d think a cigar lounge should look like: dark lighting, a few couches and a few other seating arrangements around small tables, a fireplace and a walk-in humidor. They had bottles of scotch and whiskey sitting out on the tables. I believe there were two employees working the lounge. I was attended to very quickly. I didn’t take any pictures because it was busy the night I was there. The prices are not cheap. I had a Cohiba Piramide extra and a Blanton’s (bourbon). The bill was around €70. There are not many better things than smoking a nice cigar with a bourbon after a good meal.


I have nothing but great things to say about the employees. I had a typed welcome note waiting on me in the room when I arrived and my Diamond gift was a really good white wine and three different types of cheese with some bread and jam.


They also brought a hand written letter and a ticket to the museum I briefly mentioned to the receptionist as we were checking in.I was completely surprised by her even remembering I said anything about it, let alone giving me a free ticket.


Throughout my whole stay the employees were over the top. From the concierge getting me a ride to and from the airport without any hiccups, the receptionist giving me a free ticket to the museum, the great bar staff that really made the stay what it was, I’ve never felt more at home than I did here.


I loved the neighborhood it was in. Streets were clean and plenty of shopping around the hotel.

IMG_1675 (1)

I would rank this number one on my all-time favorite Park Hyatt stays. I can’t wait to get back.


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