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Update: Wyndham no longer has this hotel in their portfolio. So booking the way I did is no longer available. 

I booked a City View King for 5/24 -5/28 which turned out to be Urban Week in South Beach (more on that later). Standard rates were $331 a night if I remember correctly. Wyndham has a very generous redemption rate of 15k points per night for any of their hotels. I had a decent balance of Wyndham Reward points by utilizing the sign up bonus on their co-branded credit card and some points I received at the Wyndham Championship last August. I booked those nights using 60k points. I did have to pay the resort fee and taxes on the room which came out to be $27.50 a night. The Shelborne is one of Wyndhams best properties and it did not disappoint.

We landed at Miami International airport around 6pm and quickly grabbed an UberX. It’s 12 miles to the Shelborne which took 30 minutes and cost $18.


We were promptly greeted by a doorman and showed to the reception desk. There was no one in line so we didn’t wait. I’m going to be honest I don’t really remember every detail of the check-in process. I had been sipping cocktails all day. Hey, we were on vacation. She was friendly and polite I recall. I had been hoping all day I could persuade the receptionist to give me an ocean view. Slip her a $20 maybe a $50. But that wasn’t necessary (probably wouldn’t have worked anyways) as she informed us that we had been upgraded to the ocean view for me being a card holder of their co-branded credit card.



The Lobby hosts the Dine & Drink room and The Drawing Room (bar). Both of which are gorgeously decorated.


We visited the Drawing Room several times throughout the stay and the cocktails were some of the best craft cocktails I’ve had in some time.



Coming in at 280 sq. ft. for a standard room it is a tide small but certainly didn’t feel that way. You have a small hallway upon entering with the closet on the left. The Room opens up to the bed facing the ocean and the work desk and The 46in smart TV opposite of the bed. the mini bar is on the left next to the bathroom. The room was mid-century modern. I loved the decor as it fit right in on the South Beach feel.

The bed was extremely comfortable leaning on the soft side with 300 thread count sheets. There was romantic lighting under the bed that looked great at night.

The mini bar was stocked with plenty snacks and drinks including a nice $29 Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay. Prices were a little high but we are in South Beach. $55 for 375ml of Woodford Reserve is way too much.

One thing that caught my eye was a round tin can called The Intimacy kit. You don’t really see that at too many hotels.

The work desk had two plug-ins atop the desk and a few martini glasses and a bar shaker.


The walk-in closet was big enough for both our clothes we wanted to hang up. plus add a few bags and shoes to the floor. The safe and robes were stored in the closet as well.


The walkout balcony had a roof which was nice as it rained one morning but you could still go out and sit without getting wet. A chair ottoman combo and a small table occupied that space.


The views from the room were perfect. We had a beautiful view of the pool and ocean.



A bit tight with two people in it but it was super sleek. It had a wonderful Kohler sink and the shower was great. Hot water was almost immediate and the Shower pressure was strong.

The soaps were Hiebras De Ibiza. My first time using these and thought they were great. The towels were ok, not as long and thick as I like but certainly better than most mid tier hotels.



This is where the hotel really starts to stand out. This is my favorite hotel pool I’ve ever visited for one reason. The deep end of the pool was 8ft 10in. It was great to be able to jump and dive in without worrying about hitting the bottom. This might be the only hotel I’ve encountered where you could do this.


At the end of the pool is a beautiful old diving board that is now used as a waterfalls.

Theres plenty of lounge chairs and servers working the pool so ordering food and drinks from the pool bar was quite easy. They also offer air condition cabanas but we didn’t bother looking into those.

The first few days weren’t busy at all but as we got closer to the weekend things picked up. Friday was our last day there and the pool was packed. Even had a DJ playing music.

Behind the old diving board was a long jacuzzi. It would seat 10 people comfortably and the water was hot!


As you made your way out to the beach there’s a nice dining area for relaxing or ordering lunch.



The beach was great. all the surrounding hotels had their own space and chairs. The area was mostly occupied by hotel goers but I assume it was public. if you looked down the beach it was much busier assuming that’s were most of the public went.


Shelborne had a small hut on the beach were you could get towels and rent umbrellas, jet skis and other sporting activities. Getting towels and lounge chairs were free for hotel guest but umbrellas cost $19 a day.


They did have a server or two working the beach getting you food and drinks. I was a little surprised by this as it was a decent track back to the pool bar to get them. Those servers were working hard.


We were lucky all week. The weather was perfect and the water was clear and warm.



The Sarsaparilla Club

The Sarsaparilla Club is Shelborne’s main restaurant located just off the pool deck. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The Chef is Jeff Mcinnis who was a finalist on the TV show “Top Chef” and Janine Booth who was also on “Top Chef” and “Last Chance Kitchen” among others.


The Food was awesome. We had Happy Hour small plates and drinks three days in a row at their outside dining area facing the pool. Prices during Happy Hour were as good as any on South Beach. $5 drinks and small plates at 5pm. $6 at 6pm, $7 at 7pm.


We had the deviled eggs and the homemade Sausage Dumplings. Both were outstanding. The devil eggs were best I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot.

We did dinner inside the dining room Friday night. I was happy we decided to try it cause it was delicious. I hope this place takes off cause they deserve to be a top spot in South Beach.

It was quite slow when we were there. Come to find out the hotel only let hotel guest into the building during the weekend. They had plenty of security guarding the doors and you had to show proof of staying there to get in. South beach was crazy during the weekend on account for it being Urban Weekend. But you would have never known it if you didn’t leave the hotel. They kept things quiet and it was perfect.



I would give service an 8/10. I have no complaints but I’ve certainly had better at some high-end properties. The receptionist was nice and the Servers and Bartenders were very accommodating. There was an associate working the pool area who walked around making sure we had everything we wanted. She made it feel like we were really on vacation when we were hanging out at the pool.



Located at the corner of Collins ave and 18th street in South Beach there’s plenty of shopping and dining options. South Beach has a great art area if you’re into that. We had dinner at the Fish Bar and The Bazaar by Jose Andres (both walking distance from The Shelborne) and took a 10 minute Uber to Prime 112 on the other night. I would highly recommend each of them. Theres also plenty of breakfast spots around the hotel that were great.


I was pleasantly surprised by this properties. This was my first at a Wyndham Grand. I wasn’t for sure what to expect. But they exceeded my expectations in every way. The property in its Art Deco design really shined in South Beach. The service was good, the craft cocktails were phenomenal, the food superb, the pool outstanding, the beach area was everything you could hope for and I loved the security keeping watch of the place over the weekend. Urban Weekend really brought the crowds to South Beach. A lot of big name rappers were playing all over including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jezzy, 2 Chainz, etc. So you can imagine (or maybe you can’t if you don’t know rap) how crazy it was during the night around South Beach. But like I said earlier you’d never known if you didn’t leave. I’d stay here again in a heart beat and would recommend it to anyone.


I want to give credit to Marianna Massey, she took a lot of the pictures you see on here and edited some of them. So if you see a picture you like she probably did it and if you see one you don’t, that was probably mine. Cheers


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  1. Great looking hotel. Can’t wait to go. Looking forward to more reviews.

  2. Wow it looks great and so informative. You really captured what the stay was like – feel like I was right there with you! 🙂

  3. Great info and these photos are incredible!!

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